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I don’t personally use the iPhone, but I have always thought the MagSafe concept was a great feature that I would love to see on Android. That might become a reality with Qi2 wireless charging, but in the meantime, there are some brands that have integrated MagSafe-like functionality into phone cases.

When I got my Pixel 8 Pro, I temporarily tried the affordable OWKEY MagSafe case and was moderately happy with it, apart from the fact it didn’t work with the Pixel Stand 2nd Gen.

I then came across the Mous Intralock MagSafe-compatible Pixel 8 Pro case but saw some negative reviews, which put me off it.

I finally settled on the Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro case. This is a premium-priced case, and it is not the most attractive phone case on the market, but it is a rugged case with superior drop protection compared to the other two options. It is also MagSafe compatible with a multi-magnet arrangement.

It then has a pop-out section that allows you to use RokLock twist lock accessories to physically mount the phone to things or attach accessories to it

Priced at $69.99 USD, it is expensive but not unreasonable. However, Rokform doesn’t deliver to the UK, and the Amazon UK listing has it at £73.70, making it significantly more expensive than the OWKEY and quite a bit more than the Mous Intralock. So, is it worth the premium price?

Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro Case Features

  • Extra-strength magnet and MagSafe compatible system
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Military-grade drop protection – MIL-STD-810G military standard for drop-tested protection, and will protect your phone through multiple drops from up to 6 feet.
  • 6-sided protection means that your phone, camera, and screen are shielded from damage no matter how your phone lands.
  • Integrated RokLock twist lock system for mounting – The Rugged Pixel Pro Case is compatible with all our twist-lock and magnetic mounts and provides secure and convenient mounting solutions for cars, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, and any magnetic surface. It’s the ultimate choice for Pixel users seeking an extra layer of resilience.

Rokform Accessories and Mounts

Some examples of the available accessories for the Rockform Case include:

Magnetic Accessories

  • Magnetic Sport Phone Ring
  • FUZION Magnetic Wallet with Stand
  • Wireless Charging Stand
  • ROKFORM MagSafe Magnetic Power Bank
  • Dual Magnet Swivel Mount
  • Swivel Dash Mount
  • Super Grib Vent Mount

RockLock Accessories

  • RockLock  Windshield Suction Mount
  • ROKFORM Bike Handlebar phone mount
  • Rokform Pro Series V-4 Bike Mount
  • Rokform Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount

Design & Build Quality

Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro Back

The case itself is not the most attractive due to its chunky rubber all-black design, but it is this design that makes it more durable than most cases.

The case has a decent-sized lip that runs along the edge of the display and appears to offer good protection for any face-down drops.

The corners have a flat angled edge and again appear to offer a good level of protection should you drop your phone on its corner.  

The camera cutout is large enough that it shouldn’t get in the way of the camera sensors, which is a problem that has been reported in some other cases.

Then, in the centre of the case is a small puck which pops out and allows you to use the RockLock accessories. I haven’t tried a RockLock accessory yet, but I am confident that the phone will remain securely in place for any active scenario.

The case is then magnetic with two separate magnetic sections. You have the MagSafe circular magnets which surround where the RockLock puck sits. These magnets have a moderate amount of magnetic attraction, but then below them is a rectangular magnet with a strong magnetic attachment.

With the phone placed on a metal surface with all the magnets attached, the attachment is very strong. I attached it to a metal container, which I then shook around moderately vigorously, and the phone didn’t budge in the slightest. With some aggressive shaking, the phone did eventually break free.

MagSafe Style Mounting & Magnetic Wireless Charger

I got the magnetic wireless charge stand with my case, and this attaches to the case with a very strong magnetic hold.

This puck-shaped charger then has a pop-out stand. This has a hinged design, allowing you to adjust the angle so the phone is propped up at quite a steep angle. I found this quite useful for propping your phone up and using it on a recent flight to the USA. I also often use it at my office desk allowing me to easily see the phone display.

There is then a smaller pull-out camera mount that is designed to allow you to mount your phone onto a laptop display for video calls.

As this is just a normal QI charging stand, it is limited to just 7.5W charging, whereas the Pixel Stand can do 23 W for compatible Pixel phones or 15 W (EPP) for Qi-certified devices.

Google Pixel Stand 2

While Rokform advertises the case as being wireless charging compatible, it does not work with the Pixel Stand 2.

When you place the phone on the stand, it will initially register the charge, but then it disconnects.

I had exactly the same problem with the OWKEY MagSafe case.

My best guess is that the case is too thick on the bottom, and it places the charging coils slightly out of alignment. The case is also quite thick, which could potentially be part of the problem.

The wireless charging does work fine with other QI chargers, though. I have been using an Anker QI pad, but it is disappointing not to be able to use the Pixel stand.


Rokform states that this is MIL-STD-810G military standard for drop-tested protection, and will protect your phone through multiple drops from up to 6 feet.

It is not something I plan on testing thoroughly, as I don’t fancy breaking my Pixel. However, I am clumsy and have dropped the phone a few times, including a relatively big drop onto concrete, and the phone has come away unscathed.

Camera Protection

Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro Camera Potection

Many cases sit flush with the camera and can potentially expose the glass to damage. With this, the case is raised away from the camera. Therefore, when you place the phone on a table (or drop it) there is much less risk of damaging the camera.

Price and Alternative Options

The Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro case is $69.99 USD direct from Rokform with free shipping for US customers. They do not ship to the UK.

On Amazon, at the time of writing, the case was £73.70.

The wireless charging stand is listed at $49.99 USD or £46.47 from Amazon UK.

The Mous Intralock case for the Pixel 8 Pro is listed at £60 but is reported to have much weaker magnets. The range of accessories seems less impressive. They have a MagSafe charger for just £30, but this lacks a stand.

The QuadLock Mag Pixel 8 Case appears to be the best alternative, especially as it is priced at just £32. However, this doesn’t seem to be quite the same as MagSafe, as the magnetic accessories still have the QuadLock system. The accessories are also quite expensive, as you often have to buy the Mag head or Mag wireless charging head to accompany any accessory.


I like the Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro, and I will quite likely end up buying some of the accessories allowing me to easily mount the phone to things like my bike or more secure mounting in my car.

However, it is not compatible with the Pixel Stand Gen 2, and in the UK, the price is excessively high. While I love the concept of all the accessories, these are also priced on the high side, for example, the universal bicycle mount is £44.

The MagSafe functionality and mounting system make this quite unique. There are competing options from Mous and QuadLock, but it seems that each system has its strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, this is a good case for the Pixel 8 Pro, but a bit hard to recommend in the UK due to the high price.

Rokform Rugged Pixel 8 Pro MagSafe Case Review + Magnetic Wireless Charger


Overall, the Rockform Google Pixel 8 Pro Case is a good case for the Pixel 8 Pro. The MagSafe-compatible system has excellent strong magnets and the RokLock locking system looks excellent for mounting the phone to things like bikes. However the high price in the UK and lack of Pixel stand compatibility make this a bit hard to recommend for buyers in the UK.  

  • Protection - 90%
  • Accessories / Features - 80%
  • Price - 50%


  • MagSafe compatible magnets have excellent megnetism
  • Good range of accessories and the RokLock system appears to offer excellent secure mounting
  • Good protection


  • Overpriced
  • Doesn’t work with Pixel Stand

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