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As someone that loses my keys and wallet on a regular basis, Tile is my saviour. They are the market leader in Bluetooth trackers and for good reason, their products work well and are easy to use.

I have previously used Mint Tracker and found the alternative product nowhere near good enough for its intended purposes, which led me to the Tile Mate.

Unlike Mint, the Tile app works perfectly and can work in two ways, either locating my keys or locating my phone.

Yesterday, Tile refreshed their lineup including updating the Mate with an increased range.

The stand out product is the new Tile Sticker, which does what you might expect it to, stick on things. Within a month of my partner buying her Airpods, she lost them (they were in the house somewhere), this led to 48 hours of moodiness. Airpods have equal parts genius and moronic system where you can locate the Airpod when it is out of its case, but when in the case location tracking is switched off. In my partner’s case, and from what I have read online, many other people, the last location was never recorded, so we thought they had been lost for good. With the Tile Sticker, we could have stuck it to the case and had no such problems.

The official blurb for the sticker states:

Sticker is waterproof, adhesive-backed and Tile’s smallest finder to date. Tile partnered with 3M to design the adhesive for Sticker, so users can rest assured that once placed on a clean, flat surface, Sticker will stay put. This cost-effective and effortless tracking solution comes with a full three-year battery life and 150 feet range, enabling users the convenience to track their items without restrictions. Sticker can be attached to most metal and plastic materials , including remote controls, cameras, and outdoor gear.

Tile has also updated the Slim, something I have not tried yet, but eager too with the new generation. The Slim is now sleeker with a new low-profile premium design can easily slip into narrow spaces, making it a perfect fit for wallets, luggage tags, and other hidden spots. Discreet in shape and size, this Tile is still powerful with a longer 200-foot range and nearly twice the volume of the previous Slim. Slim also boasts a full three-years of battery life.

The updated Mate and Pro models have extended range, enabling users to locate things faster no matter where they are. For those who value high-performance, durability and strong design, Pro continues to deliver as the most powerful finder on the market with an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 400 feet. With improved findability, Tile is committed to greater peace of mind, at a time when the average person spends nearly a year of their lifetime endlessly trying to locate misplaced valuables.

Tile also has a crowdsourcing method to finding lost items when out of Bluetooth range. Normally this would be a bit useless but with Tile being the market leader they have a large user base, so if you lose your wallet or keys on a night out there is a moderate chance you might find them through their Tile community.

Pricing and Availability

All four products will be available today at and major retailers; including Amazon, John Lewis, Curry’s and Argos.

  • Tile Sticker: Available in Black, starting from £34.99 for a 2-pack, £54.99 for a 4-pack
  • Tile Slim: Available in Black for £24.99
  • Tile Mate: Available in White, for £19.99
  • Tile Pro: Available in Black and White, for £29.99

With gifting season around the corner, Tile has multi packs available.

  • Pro Combo: 2-Pack at £49.99 and 4-Pack at £89.99
  • Mate: 4-Pack available at £59.99
  • Tile Essentials: 2 Tile Stickers, 1 Tile Slim, 1 Tile Mate available for £64.99
  • Tile Mate/Slim Combo: 2 Mates and 2 Slims, available for £69.99

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