Edifier TWS NB2 true wireless

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I was very impressed with the performance of the original Edifier TWS NB; with a sub-£100 RRP, they were one of the best options on the market at their price point.

However, they were ugly and bulky.

Edifier are now back with the TWS NB2, addressing the above issues with a completely new design that looks much better. The new NB2 adopt a stem design, and it looks like the bulk of the weight won’t stick quite as far out of your ear.

New Edifier TWS NB2

From the press release, Edifier state the TWS NB2 earbuds offer an improved look whilst still delivering the same audio quality.

This sounded like they have just redesigned the existing earbuds into something prettier.

Original Edifier TWS NB2
Original Edifier TWS NB2

Different driver vs Edifier TWS NB

However, it looks like they have changed the driver completely; the original NB used a 13mm graphene driver

The sound spec is similar but not identical, they both offer a frequency response of 20 – 20KHz and sensitivity of 94dB. However, impedance has changed from 32Ω to 24Ω.

I would assume the overall sound quality remains the same if not improved.

ANC performance

Edifier also states that the active noise cancelling has improved with 30% improvement vs previous generations. They now claim -40 dB ANC performance, which is the same as the Huawei Freebuds Pro.


Battery life has also improved, going from 5 hours with ANC on the original TWS NB to 7 hours with ANC on and 9 with it off. This would make them some of the best performing ANC earphones on the market for battery life.

Price and Availability

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Pricing it aggressively competitive too, the RRP is just £89.99 direct from Edifier.

Full Press Release

Drawing on the same cutting-edge design, the TWS NB2 earbuds offers an improved look whilst still delivering the same audio quality. Through extensive testing, the new TWS NB2 earbuds offer an immersive listening experience by blocking low to medium external environmental noise frequencies. This Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology has elevated noise cancelling capabilities by -40 dB, 30% deeper than the previous generation, utilising advanced electro-acoustic technology and an innovative algorithm. Quick Ambient Mode can be conveniently activated by tapping the earbud, enabling you to hear external noise when it is appropriate, for example, flight announcements or traffic noise.

TWSNB2 BLACK 1 1296x

Superior sound quality is achieved through the 10mm composite diaphragm driver unit, which delivers a completely balanced, high resolution sound and punchy bass with a wider soundstage. The Bluetooth v5.0 and Qualcomm aptX deliver low latency, minimising interruptions and providing a reliable connection.

Calls are crystal clear with the dual microphone noise cancellation, ensuring the clarity of phone conversations and enhancing the user’s voice. Easily answer phone calls by using the on-ear controls. The TWS NB2 also feature User Detection Technology, which automatically starts and stops the music when the earbuds are inserted or removed, and with the primary-secondary earbud switch function, the left and/or right earbud can be used for mono or stereo sound. On-ear tap controls also allow for the playing/pausing of music and the answering of phone calls.

Thanks to the low-power consumption chipset and high-capacity lithium battery, the TWS NB2 features seven hours of playback time with the Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology turned on, and nine hours with this disabled. There is also the added security of knowing that the travel-friendly charging case gives an additional 23-hour playback time before needing mains charging. The TWS NB2 also utilizes fast charging, which allows for a two-hour play-back time with only a 15-minute charge.

The stylish low-profile true wireless earbuds carry a IP54 rated housing for dust and water resistance, and you can personalise your settings further by connecting to the Edifier Connect App.

Main Features:

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology, 30% deeper than the previous generation.
  • 10mm driver with composite diaphragm unit delivers music with a wider soundstage.
  • Crystal clear phone calls using dual-mic noise cancellation.
  • Feature User Detection Technology and primary-secondary earbud functions.
  • Seven hours of charge time with an additional 23 hours using the charging case.

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