Philips 2019 OLED

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Philips did not announce anything at CES this year, perhaps to avoid LG and Samsung stealing their thunder.

They have just announced the new models for 2019 which should be available within the first half of 2019.

Building on the success of its 2018 models – the OLED+ 903 and the OLED 803 – the two new models announced by Philips are the OLED 804 and the OLED 854.

Sadly they haven’t actually revealed much about them except that they are
4K HDR TVs, they will support Dolby Vision and HDR10+ making them the second company to offer compatibility for both formats, following the announcement of the Panasonic GZ2000.

They will also feature Dolby Atmos and they will be powered by the P5 Perfect Picture Engine that was impressive on the TVs I saw at IFA 2018.

As with previous models these will feature Ambilight 3 and run Android TV with Google Assistant.

Philips has promised that it will be revealing more about the new OLED models over the coming days and I will update this post accordingly.

Philips also announced a mid range 7304 LED LCD which they are labeling as “The One” which is supposed to be the the one TV to watch when recommending to friends and family.

It is being pitched as a mid-range TV featuring flagship technology from its higher-end siblings. It has a 55-inch screen – currently the most popular size in Europe – Dolby Vision and HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, the P5 Picture Engine, Ambilight 3, Android TV and Google Assistant.

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