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Panasonic has announced its brand new flagship OLED for 2019 the GZ2000 which is the first TV on the market to feature both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision giving you the best all round HDR compatibility.

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, but at the moment it appears no 77-inch model will be released similar, unlike the EZ1000 series.

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The OLED panel is colour-tuned by Stefan Sonnenfeld, a respected Hollywood professional who uses Panasonic screens to as his reference monitors, alongside the work done by Panasonic’s own R&D team. In particular, the screen is said to deliver a brighter picture with improved dynamics and contrast. And if you want to make your own mark, you can use the CalMAN PatternGen test patterns to calibrate your picture.

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The TV also supports HLG which is the HDR format most live broadcasts have used in the past.

Panasonic said the GZ2000 is equipped with its most powerful processor ever named the HCX Pro Intelligent processor to speed up HDR processing

Panasonic claim that the brightness of the panel has also been improved by 30% but they are shy on provided the exact number for peak brightness.

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The OLED TV also includes upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers tucked into the chassis of the TV set. The audio system as a whole was tuned by Panasonic’s Technics engineers.

The GZ2000 comes with the latest version of the company’s My Home Screen platform. Version 4.0 has a redesigned user interface and allows users to change the layout of the home screen. Users can also add frequently watched TV stations to the home screen. It will also support both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The previous EZ1000 was generally regarded as one of the best panel for colour accuracy on the market, so you can expect something special hear.

There is no word on availability or pricing just yet, but the previous generation commanded a large premium, so expect to pay for the quality.

It has been confirmed these will launch in Europe only.

In the UK the new displays will be name TX-55GZ2002B (TX-55GZ2000) for the 55-inch and TX-65GZ2002B (TX-65GZ2000) for the 65-inch

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