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Perhaps you have reached the point of believing the cloud migration can be beneficial for your business. Well, it is not surprising because many businesses and entrepreneurs admit that the cloud is an interesting platform for many industries.

Cloud migration is probably straightforward to understand. However, it can be challenging for the starters. ERBIS software engineering company, in this case, suggests that the cloud migration should not be intimidating even for the beginners.  If it is your first time, you might want to consider the tips from ERBIS experts below.

Don’t start with the wrong reasons

The cloud migration is indeed trending amongst the company owners. but you don’t necessarily need to follow the trend if it is not a good option for you. In other words, it is much safer to avoid the hype and be clear on your own goals. Start considering the exact reasons why you are conducting cloud migration. What are you trying to achieve? What are your milestones? What do you have right now? What are your needs and requirements? What are your limitations?

I know that some of them are boring questions. But the more you can answer these questions, the more chances to narrow down your list. By answering those questions, you will be able to jot down the features and forms that you’d expect in your new cloud platform.

Expect the reconfigurations

We cannot expect that the cloud platform is all the same with the conventional on-premise architecture. Some big servers are replaced with the small dedicated servers. And some databases could be replaced with the aws cloud migration.

In many cloud migration cases, it is almost impossible to migrate the whole monolithic app to the cloud. There will be some reconfigurations that you need to pay attention to. The app could be disintegrated to several services with the appropriate APIs.

Depending on how big and complex your monolithic app, the reconfigurations could span for a few phases. And until then, you can think about what’s the best for your new cloud environment.

Understand the available options for you

There are several types of cloud migration strategy. These types come with their own pros and cons, as well as purposes. There are several words which you’d need to comprehend the definition such as Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retain and Remove.

These “R” words are the best possible cloud migration strategies offered by the ERBIS Company. It is a great idea to consult and invest with a reliable cloud provider like ERBIS software engineering company. Perhaps it is also the reason why ERBIS is by far the best company which can provide the cloud migration service. You can easily come across tons of cloud migration companies online but it can be challenging to find the one that is ready to help you with various strategies. You cannot trust the businesses which offer to rehost all of your infrastructure. ERBIS really comprehends that it is not the only strategy available for cloud migration.

Focus only on what you really need

The thing about the cloud migration is that there are several things that you might not need but you still include it in your plan so that you spend more than what you need. it is easy to allocate the resources for any requirement. However, you need to pay attention to the costs. Do you really need to spend an enormous amount of money for something that you don’t need? Evaluate your plan and monitor the resources as well. You may need to decrease or increase the resources for more effectiveness and productivity.

The stakes at security aspects

When you migrate, the security challenges are inevitable. The cloud migration will procure new challenges for cyber security. ERBIS offers different solutions to detect and prevent the security breaches in the cloud. The senior engineers in ERBIS always get updated on the newest technology which can make the security more robust and reliable. ERBIS will also offer you very detailed visibility in your cloud traffic and activities. You don’t have to work all alone to manage your cloud platform. They already have the staff who are ready to help you around the clock.

ERBIS can provide the zero-downtime migration

The cloud staging needs to be leveraged to get more effective results.

In this case, ERBIS suggests to leverage the centralized cloud-based storage to provide the transformation of the desktops. It will enable the end-users to have a desktop-like environment in the entirely new platform. What does it mean? This practice will deliver the zero-downtime user migration to the next desktop. There will be no time wasted when it comes to the adaptation of the new platform. ERBIS staff will also help you to train your employees so that they will get used to the new cloud environment at a rapid rate.

It is much better to work with one trustworthy vendor

ERBIS is a matured cloud service vendor. Its software engineering team consists of experienced software engineers and seniors who have decades of experience. That’s what makes ERBIS the most robust solution. If you are up to vendor lock-in, you can rest assured that ERBIS will deliver the best result for you.

It is actually up to you to decide to go all in on one cloud provider like ERBIS or keep your options open. But for beginners, it could be challenging to stay using the relevant offerings. Relying only on ERBIS, for instance, will give you more safety traits than working with multiple providers.

Although the freedom is yours, it would be malicious to split your apps across different clouds. Avoiding cloud lock-ins is probably not the best option since there are many differences which can stress you out. The first migration with ERBIS will give you comprehensive cloud migration lesson aspects such as the security, data locality, connectivity, authentication, performance, authorization, cost, advantages, disadvantages, and many more.

Decide on what you need to protect

You will need to categorize the different data from the most important ones to the less. Make the plan on what data to secure depending on the value and their sensitivity.

Introduce the cloud culture

Perhaps it is still new for you. But it will be more likely new to most of your employees and team members. The cloud migration challenge does not end up there. If you are the person in charge, you will also need to consider the transition time. It can be a new culture in your company. Make sure that your employees are ready to embrace this new thing in the environment.

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