Author: Richard Cartwright

So do we get to use the four pins on the side of the Nexus 7?

Nexus 7 owners were quick to scope out what Google describes in the manual as the “4-pin connector”. Alas, up to now we have only had rumors of what the 4 pins were designed to connect to. Report are surfacing from Japan that the 4 pins connect to an audio dock from the maker of the Nexus 7 Asus. The Google translation of the page is here. The dock itself  appears to be a chunk of plastic that looks like  it is designed to hold up the Nexus 7 in landscape mode, which makes sense considering that the pins are...

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What you need to know about Ivy Bridge-Is it worth waiting for?

Intel recently released its Ivy Bridge family of processors and anyone who likes gadgets should be asking the question -is it a good idea to upgrade? True, its always a good idea to upgrade but sometimes neither the purse, nor the bank manager (my wife hates me calling her that) will yield the necessary quid. In this case, unless your system is more than two or three years old, it might be worth waiting, especially if you are running a Sandy Bridge processor based desktop. The marketing mavens at Intel have come up with describing processor updates as “tick” or “tock”,...

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iOS5 install problems-Its Apple’s Fault

The iOS 5 update went live about 1:00 PM -5 GMT.  Users are reporting all over the world that they are having multiple issues with the download and Apple has confirmed that the problem is on their end.  Making matters worse, there are reports that aborting the update is duplicating the contacts list and one user who had set up mail in Mac preferences is getting this message: The word from Apple is to wait a couple of hours and try again. For those of you with mail issues the link to Apple message boards can be found here.   The smart money is on the iCloud servers being overwhelmed. That said, the Apple iCloud engineers are going to have their work cut out getting ready to activate about three million iPhones in a couple of days not to mention the iCloud music roll out at the end of the month. Might be some iTerminations come the first of November, but we hope not.   Thanks to crimonsonsky76 for the...

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HP confirms Pre 3 for August UK release

DNet UK, HP’s head of the Personal Systems Group in the United Kingdom, Paul Hunter confirmed that the Pre 3 would be released in the UK sometime in August. He was mum on an exact date, but as it looks right now, the Pre 3 is likely to be in British hands well before Americans will get to do more than read about it. The HP web os sales site for the Pre 3 lists the phone as being available for pre-order unlocked for £399.99, a bit dear for a phone whose specs have slipped to barely mainstream since they were announced six months ago. HP is beating the bushes for developers to get their Pre 3 apps in for approval as soon as possible along with releasing an updated emulator. HP released the Pre 2 to Europe before it was made available in the States. At that time it appeared the US GSM carriers were a bit skittish about taking on the phone since it was early in the assimilation of Palm by HP, and there were already rumors swirling about the Pre 3. Now, HP may want to build buzz for the phone in the UK that the HP marketers hope will pull the phone out of the backwash that the upcoming Droid Bionic and iPhone 5 will create in the US . Time will...

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