So do we get to use the four pins on the side of the Nexus 7?

Nexus 7 owners were quick to scope out what Google describes in the manual as the “4-pin connector”. Alas, up to now we have only had rumors of what the 4 pins were designed to connect to. Report are surfacing from Japan that the 4 pins connect to an audio dock from the maker of … Read more

What you need to know about Ivy Bridge-Is it worth waiting for?

Intel recently released its Ivy Bridge family of processors and anyone who likes gadgets should be asking the question -is it a good idea to upgrade? True, its always a good idea to upgrade but sometimes neither the purse, nor the bank manager (my wife hates me calling her that) will yield the necessary quid. … Read more

What does the new iPad really bring to the UK? Not LTE

Apple has announced its third generation iPad, the world went wild,  and now its back ordered.While the retina display has been widely hailed as the best tablet screen ever and the voice dictation, faster processor, plus new camera and iPhoto are real lures for an upgrade, if the prospect of LTE speed is what gets you … Read more

Roku Players set to land in United Kingdom and Ireland in late January

Wanting to hook up Netflix to the new flatscreen? Well the job just got easier with the announcement of the debut of the Roku box in the UK and Ireland today.  Currently available for preorder only through Amazon, the little box that has allowed so many in the US to cut  cable or satellite bills by streaming content over … Read more

iOS5 install problems-Its Apple’s Fault

The iOS 5 update went live about 1:00 PM -5 GMT.  Users are reporting all over the world that they are having multiple issues with the download and Apple has confirmed that the problem is on their end.  Making matters worse, there are reports that aborting the update is duplicating the contacts list and one … Read more