Eufy Clean X9 Pro robotic vacuum

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As someone that loathes housework, I think robot vacuums are one of the best smart home gadgets going. I started off with the Eufy RoboVac 11, which used to bounce around our kitchen aimlessly and did a good job of keeping the floor free of debris.

Moving to a robot vacuum with LiDAR, which allowed it to intelligently map out rooms, took things to the next level. My Ecovacs Deebot N8 kept all the rooms downstairs semi-clean.

My next upgrade was the Airrobo T10+ which allowed me to be even lazier as it would empty its own dustbin.

Some of these robot vacuums also have a mopping function, but I have always found them to be a bit simplistic. They basically just have a water tank that you need to fill manually, and it will then wipe down the surface as you go. The more advanced LiDAR models can sometimes have no-mop zones set allowing to clean a mixture of carpets and hard floors.

Anker Eufy Clean X9 Pro

Eufy is taking things another step further with the flagship Eufy X9 Pro.

This a robot vacuum and mop with an auto cleaning station. It is designed more for hard floors with the ability to handle carpets as well. Its docking station isn’t used to automatically empty the dustbin. It is instead used to wash and dry the mop with 40°C (104°F) heated drying.

Mopping Mode


The MopMaster system also boasts dynamic dual high-pressure, high-speed rotational mopping pads to effortlessly clean even the toughest messes, from crayons and markers, to stubborn food stains. The MopMaster system keeps hands clean and odours at bay with its auto-wash feature. While in mop mode, the X9 Pro will periodically return to its base to self-clean its mopping pads, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning from start to finish.

Carpet Mode

The Eufy X9 Pro can automatically detect carpets, and it will lift up the mops by 12 millimetres which Eufy claims to be industry-leading.

Its vacuum is capable of 5,500 Pa suction which should be capable of removing debris in one pass.

It is equipped with a decent-sized 410ml, so you shouldn’t need to empty it too frequently, and the vacuum will notify you after 10 hours of cleaning.

Navigation & Object Detection

Ai camera

As much as I love my Airrobot T10+ with its smart mapping functions, it regularly gets stuck, more often than not, it is from a USB cable I have left lying around.

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro should perform significantly better than most smart mapping vacuums as it combines both 3D ToF sensors for the mapping functionality and an AI camera for obstacle avoidance.

Price, Availability and Alternative Options

The X9 Pro is available now UK on Argos, and for £899.99. The X9 Pro is also available in the US and Germany for $899.99 and €899.

The Amazon page also has a £100 voucher available, taking it down to £799.

The Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni is the best alternative product, this has an RRP of £1300 but is available for £1000 using the on-page voucher on Amazon. This also uses both a camera and a LiDAR 3D ToF sensor to map out rooms and avoid obstacles. This has the advantage of also being able to automatically empty the dustbin, but it is only capable of raising the mops by 9mm, which may be challenging for some rugs.

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