Engenius ECW536 Wi Fi 7 Access Point Announced

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Today, Engenius has announced its first Wi-Fi 7 access point, which they claim to be the world’s first cloud Wi-Fi 7 access point for enterprises.

Engenius is making the world’s first claim because this is the first AP to use the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 platform, which is explicitly designed for enterprise-level environments.

Technically, TP-Link released the first Wi-Fi 7 access points, with the EAP780 and EAP780. Not that you can buy them yet.

The Engenius ECW536 is a 4×4 Wi-Fi 7 access point with an ultra-fast aggregate speeds of up to 18.8 Gbps.

For more information on the ECW536, visit https://www.engeniustech.com/wifi-7-technology.html.

Key Features of the ECW536 Wi-Fi 7 Access Point:

ecw536 UI
  • High-Speeds and Capacity: The ECW536 leverages the power of Wi-Fi 7 for lightning-fast speeds up 11,600 Mbps (6 GHz), 5,800 Mbps (5 GHz), and 1,440 Mbps (2.4 GHz). Enjoy unparalleled performance for bandwidth-intensive applications and data-intensive environments.
  • Advanced Optimization: Equipped with cutting-edge 4×4 MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and 10 GbE Port PoE++ technologies, the ECW536 maximizes channel utilization, reduces latency, and ensures optimal signal and reception reliability. Benefit from enhanced network efficiency and seamless connectivity even in high-density deployments.
  • Future-Proof Connectivity: The ECW536 supports the latest industry standards and is backward-compatible with previous Wi-Fi generations. Effortlessly integrate into existing networks and devices, ensuring smooth transitions to the next wireless technology generation.
  • Simplified Management and Deployment: Manage ECW536 access points with ease through the centralized EnGenius Cloud platform and streamline provisioning, configuration, and firmware updates, saving time and resources. Seamlessly integrate into existing network infrastructures, minimizing deployment costs.
  • Enhanced Security: The ECW536 prioritizes network security, offering enterprise-level encryption protocols and comprehensive security features that easily protect sensitive data and safeguard the network from unauthorized access.

Wi-Fi 7 Overiview

Wi-Fi 6E hasn’t had a chance to go mainstream yet, with most routers and access points commanding a premium price. I would guess that the complexities of launching the new 6GHz band meant that Wi-Fi 6 couldn’t launch with 6GHz, and that’s why it was updated at a later date.

Wi-Fi 7 looks like it will have a bigger impact on Wi-Fi networking, it combines all the features introduced with Wi-Fi 6/6E but then expands the channel width up to 320MHz, which will allow true multi-gig Wi-Fi.

It will introduce Multi-Link Operation, which will allow you to combine two Wi-Fi bands into a single connection, and it can be used as a load balance or failover.

Price and Availablity

There is no word on the price or an exact date for availability, but the Engenius ECW536 is scheduled to be available for purchase in early Q4 of 2023. The EnGenius ECW336 costs around £1000 in the UK, so I’d expect that the ECW536 will cost quite a bit more than that. At the very least, the 10GbE POE port will add to the cost.

It is also worth noting that 10GbE POE switches command a premium price.

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