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Time tracking software has grown to be an important component for many firms and their employees. They rely on time tracking software to (duh) keep track of how much time they spent on each specific project, which in turn helps employees and managers track their own progress and providing them extra insight and data on their own internal affairs, such as employee productivity for example. Time tracking software is also very useful for firms who bill their clients on an hourly basis, and can provide them with invoices for their services.

In this article, we’re discussing 5 ways on how you can revamp your time tracking softwares as firms’ and employees’ business wants and needs have changed.

1. Simple Interface

It’s all well and good that your software could literally power a spaceship to the moon, but people need to be able to understand and use it. This is why a simple interface can literally make or break your software – the simpler it is to use (without having to severely limit capabilities), the more people will be inclined to use. So if you’re working on a time tracking software, or any software really, give interface top priority.

2. Automated Online Reports

Anyone who’s worked in an office can tell you that one of the most tedious aspects of office work is the continuous report writing. All day long, you’re asked to write reports for this and reports for that. A lot of the newer time tracking softwares have the option for automated online reports, which can only really be described as a complete game changer. This saves a ton of time and effort.

3. Accounting Software Integrations

Integrating accounting softwares with time tracking softwares is a genius move on both parts, as it basically doubles the usefulness of the latter programs. Instead of having just raw data on which you apply accounting methods upon, you have the data already being processed, giving you useful financial information that can help you in making your decisions and assisting the operational side of things. Many softwares, such as HubStaff and Toggl, have already introduced this step, and it’s no surprise that they are two incredibly highly-rated softwares.

4. Integrate Multiple Currencies

With the internet and enhanced communication channels now allowing for simple work opportunities with international clients, it makes perfect sense that your time tracking software be able to integrate multiple currencies and their real-time values. It makes it easier to conduct business with those in all four corners of the globe.

5. Consistently Update Your Features

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Obvious as it may seem, it is important to remember to consistently update your software and not get left behind in the proverbial dust. This is more challenging than it sounds; remaining true to your core competency and brand while expanding your project  is a difficult balance to strike.

Features differ in importance according to the person using them, so it’s pretty much impossible to create an application or a software that will be everyone’s favorite. Make sure you know what your users are looking for, and then make sure you can deliver it in a feasible way. Best of luck!

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