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It has been a rough few months for crypto. I like, like many others, invested money into cryptocurrency towards its peak and didn’t sell prior to the crash, wiping out thousands of my portfolio value.

I assumed it would be similar to crypto crashes in the past, and it was going to be a case of just forgetting about it for a couple of years.

Shibaswap & BONE another bad investment?

I have pretty much-ignored crypto for the last few months. The one exception was when Shibaswap went live, and I invested and wrote a post on How to buy BONE. I think I put $500 in at $4, and it is currently valued at $1.5, so I am currently at about a $300 loss, once again proving I shouldn’t try and be a crypto investor.

Cryptocurrency recovery but not for meme coins

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However, things have started to recover quite a bit for many cryptocurrencies. Looking at the crypto I personally have, all the meme coins are floundering, looking more and increasingly like sh*tcoins.  

Dogecoin (DOGE) is doing well, but it has been established so long now that it is has shed its meme coin reputation and is somewhat of a safe investment (for crypto).

The coin that made many people rich, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is just about holding in there with a 0.64% 90 day gain and 25% growth in the past 30 days.

Sadly, for me, all the other random coins I put small amounts of money in are all 40+% down over the 90 days.

However, the more reputable cryptocurrencies and utility coins are seeing strong growth.

Helium has outperformed both Etherum and Bitcoin in the past 90 days, and it has had one of the strongest increases in value over the past 30 days than any other crypto.  

Helium HNT has one of the strongest recoveries fuelled by the halving

Helium Price Chart
Helium HNT Price chart

Helium (HNT) is also one of my largest investments. I was one of the first people in the UK to review the Helium Hotspot. My initial review wasn’t the most positive, with me being quite sceptical about how well it could perform. I was very wrong.

I think I invested a moderately large sum at $18, with its previous peak hitting $19 then dropping down to below $10 at its lowest one month ago. I should have bought the dip, but I was too disheartened to invest more money.

However, in the space of one month, it has more than doubled in value, peaking at $25 literally one month after its low point.

This was almost certainly fuelled by the halving that happened at the start of August.

Currently, Helium is sitting at a 1347% growth in the past year, almost double that of Ehereum and four times the performance of Bitcoin.

How has the halving affected Helium Hotspot earnings?

I still have my single Helium Hotspot; like many, I have been let down by Nebra and have around 10 on order, which I am unsure if they will ever show up.

But my lonely Helium Hotspot is still earning me money. It is not as impressive as it once was, but it is still profitable if you are only just getting into it.

My hotspot never generated massive amounts of HNT due to the placement of my house, even though I have upgraded my antenna with the Paradar 8.5dBi, but I used to be able to get around 8 HNT per day. This is now closer to 0.5HNT per day, and it looks like most hotspots around me get between 0.5 and 1 HNT per day.

This is obviously a bigger drop than the halving would have caused, but we have also seen a significant number of new hotspots come online.

So, not massive amounts of money, but based on the current rate value of HNT that’s about $80 per week for me or $320 per month, which works out at £235. With the Bobcat Miner 300 costing $429, you would be in profit in two months.

Where I live does have quite a lot of hotspots, so your mileage will vary. There are some hotspots near me doing 30 HNT per week, which is a bit over $680pcm, which works out at around $2720 per month or £2k. That is very depressing for me.

Where to buy a Helium hotspot?

I had previously recommended Nebra. However, at the moment, I do not. Not only have they stopped orders, but they don’t seem to be honouring existing orders. I am sure they will be fulfilled sooner or later, but they have missed every deadline possible while competing brands seem to be fulfilling their orders.

Many other vendors have ceased orders, and you now have to go on a waitlist.

Currently, the SenseCAP M1 or the Bobcat Miner 300 look to be the most realistic choices in getting a miner this year.

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  1. Thanks to your reviews of HNT, I’ve ordered a Bobcat Miner. Ordered in the middle of May so hoping it will arrive by October.

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