Nebra Helium Miner Starts Shipping

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Anyone wanting to get into mining Helium (HNT) has no doubt been incredibly frustrated by the lack of availability of the Helium Hotspots from all the suppliers, including Nebra, Rak, Bobcat and SyncroB.It.

Much like the current GPU shortage, manufacturers have been suffering from a shortage of chips, primarily due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. The Helium miners also had another hurdle to jump, FCC, CE and other certifications.

With cryptocurrency being such a new and volatile market, there has been a little fear, uncertainty, and doubt with these hotspots. People with pre-orders have paid their money, and the constant delays have caused us to question if or when they will ever get shipped.

Has FUD over hotspots held back the HNT cryptocurrency?

Helium HNT Price April

I suspect the FUD over the hotspots has contributed to the poor performance of HNT for the past month. In early April, the price peaked at $20, an amazing achievement considering it was $1.35 at the start of the year.

Sadly, things came crashing down by 18th April, dropping as low as $10.77. It has improved since then, but it feels like the upwards movement has stalled, and I can’t help but think that this is due to the constant delays with the hotspot miners. This wasn’t helped by the infrequent public updates on the Nebra site and other OEM websites.

Nebra Helium miner starts shipping

Thankfully, it looks like things are getting moving.

Last week Nebra provided a shopping update stating that the Nebra Helium Miner batch 1 orders will start shipping during the third week of May (week commencing 17th May) via their shipping partner Floship.

They have now posted a new update confirming the orders start shipping early next week.

Current shipping schedule

This is the current shipping schedule. I am a little sceptical about batch 3 shipping in June, but Nebra has previously stated that Batch 1 and 2 and basically 100% ready to ship and the later order delivery dates may not get affected.

Batch 1 (orders from 26th January 2021 to 23:59 UTC 9th Feb 2021)

  • Indoor miners (should have shipped in March) Shipping]
  • Outdoor miners (should have shipped in April) Shipping June]

Batch 2 (orders from 00:00 UTC 9th February 2021 to 23:59 UTC 28th February 2021)

  • Indoor miners (should have shipped in April) [Update soon]
  • Outdoor miners (should have shipped in May) [Update soon]

Batch 3 (orders from 00:00 UTC 1st March 2021 to 23:59 UTC 26th March 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in June)
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in July)

Batch 4 (orders from 00:00 UTC 26th March 2021 to 23:59 UTC 12th April 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in July)
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in August)

Batch 5 (orders from 00:00 UTC 13th April 2021 to 23rd April 19:00 UTC – when orders closed)

  • Indoor (shipping in end of Q3 2021 )
  • Outdoor (shipping in end of Q3 2021)

How will more Nebra Helium miners & the halving affect your earnings? When will HNT move up?

I get asked this every time I talk about Helium; other people also moan that HNT hasn’t improved enough for their liking.

The amount of HNT you will earn will massively drop in the coming months. There are 37000 hotspots online now, I haven’t personally noticed a massive drop in my earnings even though the number of hotspots has doubled, but it will reduce.

I am hopeful that as more hotspots come online, the project will gain more traction with increased publicity. This will hopefully drive up demand for both the hotspots but also HNT. This would then drive up the price of HNT.

The better the network coverage, the more likely commercial applications for the Helium LoRa will be rolled out, again driving up the price.

So, it is likely that the HNT mining rewards will drop by 10x, 20x, or more over the next six months or so, but it is not unreasonable to assume that the value of HNT will appreciate significantly. It may be not 10 or 20-fold (I wish), but certainly, enough to make mining HNT profitable for the foreseeable future.

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  1. I Purchase this 7months ago I haven’t received heard anything the emails even stop letting me wen its going be ship at this point I want my money back

    1. Same. I have two sets of orders with them. Tried cancelling one but no reply. Need to chase them up really. They do say Batch 3 is done and batch 4 is on its way, but hard to believe them after this long

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