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Denon, a leading manufacturer of home entertainment products with over 100 years of audio expertise, announces the launch of its new Envaya Bluetooth speaker range. The perfect speakers for music lovers with a passion for quality sound on the move, in any situation. The collection comprises of three models: Envaya, Envaya Mini and Envaya Pocket. Each speaker is certified dust and waterproof (IP67 rated), meaning it will work even after being submerged in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. The Envaya range benefits from long-lasting battery life and built-in Siri activation. Offering instant access to the “personal iPhone” assistant at the simple press of a button. In addition, the high-quality built-in microphone enables you to make hands free calls on Apple and Android devices. Finished in a high quality is woven fabric grille, the collection is available in stylish Grey-black striped design or classic black.

Music without boundaries

The Envaya family is designed for the music listener on the go – the robust polymer and hardwearing fabric construct means it’s ready to tackle even the most turbulent of travels, surviving scrapes and tumbles along the way.

Dust and waterproof, it’s the perfect companion whether you’re at home in the bathroom or by the pool on holiday. Each speaker has an impressive battery life with the largest speaker in the range, Envaya, packing a battery life of 13 hours. The Envaya Mini clocks 11 hours, while the ultra-portable Envaya Pocket holds its charge for 10 hours, all depending on volume level. Charging time varies from 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

The difference is the sound

The true test of any speaker is the sound that it produces. The Envaya, Envaya Mini and Envaya Pocket all benefit from over a century of Denon hi-fi know how, allowing them to push the boundaries of expectation from such a small chassis.

Implementing innovative digital sound processing techniques, powerful amplifiers and high-quality speaker chassis, the range is capable of creating an immersive soundscape that easily annunciates the subtlest of high notes, whilst simultaneously having the ability to deliver deep bass tones with complete control and clarity.

While every speaker is linked by impeccable sound quality and an impressive feature set, each product has its own unique qualities. The range-topping Envaya is perfect for use in the kitchen or the lounge, packing enough power to fill a room, while still remaining sleek enough to be portable. In the middle of the family, the Envaya Mini is your best friend in the bathroom, ready for any slips and dips as you listen to your favourite tracks by the bath. Envaya Pocket is for your everyday adventures, due to its diminutive stature that allows you to take it everywhere you go. It will even fit in your pocket.


Every portable speaker needs to sport simple but high-quality connectivity, and the Envaya family doesn’t underperform here, with easy to use, superior wireless capabilities. Each speaker comes equipped with the latest aptX™ Bluetooth, allowing you to stream all your favourite tunes at CD-like sound quality.

Even better, to bolster the already impressive soundstage of the speakers, you can easily connect any two products from the Envaya range and stereo pair them, allowing you to play music simultaneously to fill larger spaces.

The addition of Siri activation means you can gain instant access to your “personal iPhone” assistant at the simple press of a button, whilst taking and making calls has never been easier thanks to the built-in microphone, which allows you to easily swap between calls and media – so no more faffing between two devices.

The Envaya, Envaya Mini and Envaya Pocket will be available from Sevenoaks with an SRP of £169, £129 and £89 respectively.

We are hoping to have a review sample of one of these speakers any time soon, so if they sound interesting then keep and eye out on the site for a detailed review.

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