Huawei E3372 325 LTE 4G USB Dongle Review Feature

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I recently reviewed the EnGenius ESG510 dual WAN gateway, which has a USB port for 4G cellular backup.

Eager to test this functionality, I bought the Huawei E3372-325 4G dongle from Amazon, which appears to be the best-reviewed option on the site and was quite affordable at £40.

Things didn’t go quite to plan, but this is still an excellent dongle for anyone wanting to add cellular connectivity to a PC and some routers.

It is worth noting that this was sold as the Huawei E3372-325, but the dongle has Brovi as the branding on it. I think Huawei produce this as a white label product for others to rebrand/sell.

Huawei E3372-325 LTE/4G 150 Mbps, Low Cost USB Mobile... Huawei E3372-325 LTE/4G 150 Mbps, Low Cost USB Mobile... No ratings yet £38.12Amazon Prime

Specification / Features

Brovi branded Huawei E3372 325 LTE
  • Download speed up to 150 Mbps, upload up to 50 Mbps
  • SIM card slot 3FF
  • 2 external antenna connectors (TS-9)
  • Huawei HiLink support
  • Mobile networks: 3G, 4G


Huawei E3372 325 Antenna Ports
Antenna ports if you want to improve the quality of your connection

One of the best things about this dongle is how little setup is required. You need a full-sized sim card, then just slot it in, and that’s about it. I tested with Smarty, Lebara and Voxi, and all the SIM cards worked with no additional setup.

Web Interface

While you shouldn’t have to change any settings, you can log into the web interface and change some basic settings.

The IP address the dongle assigns itself is:

This includes enabling data roaming and manually setting up the APN, SMS settings, SIP ALG, DMZ and UPnP Settings.

Compatibility – Does it work as a cellular backup for routers?

This dongle acts more like a router than a modem. The client device is assigned an IP address, and you can log into the dongle via its own IP address.

This is perfectly fine for all computers, and it works well in this scenario.

However, for the EnGenius ESG510, I struggled to get it to work. This is presumably because it is expecting it to work as a modem rather than a router where it is assigned an IP via DHCP.

This doesn’t mean it won’t with any router. In fact, many Amazon reviewers have confirmed that this works fine in routers. This includes the Draytek 2762 Routers for WAN3 Failover and the Velocloud SD-WAN.


Huawei E3372 325 Review

Performance is adequate and about as good as you’d expect from a £40 4G/LTE dongle.

Performance is, of course, dependent on the signal, and speeds will vary between networks and the devices I tested the dongle on.

The maximum speed I saw was 45Mbps which was Smarty (Three).

The performance was almost the same as the AVM FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE which has a Category 6 LTE modem (FDD) with up to 300 Mbit/s.

Price and Alternative Options

Huawei E3372-325 LTE/4G 150 Mbps, Low Cost USB Mobile... Huawei E3372-325 LTE/4G 150 Mbps, Low Cost USB Mobile... No ratings yet £38.12Amazon Prime

The Brovi/Huawei E3372-325 is priced at £39.99 on Amazon and is by far the best-reviewed LTE/4G USB dongle on the site.

Then there is Brovi E3372-325 which is the same dongle but has two external antennas for an additional £5.

The majority of the other products listed on Amazon appear to be white-label versions of the Huawei E3372-325.

The D-Link DWM-222 appears to be the best, genuinely different option. It is essentially the same specification and possibly the same hardware inside, but it costs £12 more at £52.

Amazon also sells an unlocked version of the Vodafone K5161Z. This uses a Qualcomm chipset, so it may be different from the Huawei hardware. Reviews aren’t quite as positive, but it is cheaper at £30.

For computers and laptops, most people would likely be better off with something like the HUAWEI E5783-330 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. This costs £10 more and has a 300Mbps CAT 7 4G/LTE modem.

There are no 5G USB dongles, and 5G hotspots tend to cost a lot of money, but network deals can work out cheap. The Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot was a bargain last year.


While this didn’t do exactly what I wanted it to do, it still seems to be the best 4G/LTE USB dongle out there.

It works perfectly well for Windows machines. If you plan to buy this for cellular backup for a router, you will likely just have to try it and see. It has been confirmed to work on some Draytek routers, but I struggled to get it to work with my Engenius gateway.

Huawei E3372-325 LTE/4G USB Dongle Review Rating


The Huawei E3372-325 is affordable and very easy to set up when using it with Windows. There is very little competition so this is about the best 4G USB dongle you will find. However, if you want this for cellular backup on a router, it may not work, you will just have to try it and see.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Cheap up front cost
  • No set up needed, it is unlocked and should work with most SIM cards


  • Doesn’t always work for cellular backup on routers
  • Slow speeds vs using your phone as a hotspot

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