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Anker has announced that they are significantly expanding their product range of high-capacity battery storage solutions under a new product range of Solix.

The new product range extends from the just portable power stations that have become increasingly popular for home backup, camping and recreational vehicles in recent years.  It will now include a range of home energy solutions, such as Solar balcony systems, solar battery solutions, EV car chargers and more.

This is similar to what we have seen with Ecoflow and their new PowerStream Balcony Solar System, giving consumers a semi-affordable DIY solution to solar panels with battery storage.

The Solix product range will be split into three categories:

  • Home Energy Solutions – Solar balcony systems, solar battery solutions, EV car chargers and more
  • Flex Series – Portable power solutions for home backup, camping and recreational vehicles (RVs) with high-power needs
  • Camping Series – Ultra-portable power options for outdoor adventures

Home Energy Solutions with Anker Solix Balcony Solution

Anker Solix Solarbank E1600 lifestyle

This is the most interesting announcement of the Solix range.

This plug-in-play system includes two solar panels and an inverter that can be plugged directly into any available power socket, instantly sending energy back to the grid while reducing the consumer’s energy bill. Today, Anker Solix unveiled its line of home energy solutions to include several solutions for the home and apartment. This includes three new products:

Anker Solix Solarbank
Anker Solix Solarbank E1600
  • Anker Solix Solarbank E1600: This home energy storage system will be available in Europe and is compatible with 99% of the balcony PV products on the market. It features a capacity of 1.6 kWh, IP65 water and dust resistance for enhanced durability, and an simple 5-minute D.I.Y installation. The Solarbank will be the world’s longest-lasting solar power storage solution, leveraging LFP battery technology capable of supporting 6,000 charging cycles, double the industry average. It also includes smart app control that can connect to the device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for personalized power control.
  • Anker Solix F1200 Portable Power Station Bundle with RS40/RS40P: Designed for the European market, this bundle combines the Anker Solix Balcony Solution with a portable power station. The addition of the portable power station helps consumers maximize savings on their electricity by customizing peak/off-peak hour usage and relieving blackout worries. It also features cloud-based intelligence monitoring to give consumers real-time visibility into power generation and consumption, and easy plug-in-play installation.
  • Anker Solix All-in-One Energy Storage Solution: Anker also unveiled plans to launch a series of solar battery wall solutions designed to bring back-up power to existing solar installations and new installations. These modular battery solutions will be scalable from 5 kWh to 180 kWh(1) and designed to provide high levels of safety and durability, seamlessly transfer to off-grid power, and be compatible with home energy equipment such as heat pumps, oil- and gas-powered generators, Anker Solix’s forthcoming EV charging solution, and more.  Additional details will be available later this year, and the solution will be available globally in 2024.

Anker Solix Portable Power Line

Perhaps a little confusing, Anker will now expand the popular line of portable power stations with the new Solix brand.

Anker Solix F1200

Part of this will include the rebranding of the flagship 2048Wh Anker PowerHouse 767 to the Anker Solix F2000.

The press announcement states the Solix Flex Series products provide over 1kWh of power, whereas the Camping series will be used for the lower capacity smaller portable power stations, which are ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, camping lights, cameras, and drone batteries.

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