The vast majority of laptop reviews I do are all a bit samey, so it was nice to be sent something slightly different to review recently.

The Panasonic CF-XZ6 is one of the niche laptops from Panasonic under their Toughbook range of laptops, and as the name would suggest these are designed to be durable laptops for multiple uses.

There are different levels of durability throughout the range, from the beefy Fully Rugged models to lighter Semi-Rugged and Business Rugged models.

The ToughBook CF-XZ6 falls into the latter category of Business Ruggedized which allows Panasonic to develop a tough laptop that’s still quite portable.

Design & Build

It is certainly no looker, and it is a bit of the thick side, but the model I was sent is surprisingly small and light. The approximate weight of this is 1.18KG making is lighter than the Inspiron 13 2-in-1 I just reviewed and the XPS 13 I also referenced.  Panasonic hasn’t defied physics here though, they have achieved this ultra-lightweight design by using a 12.0” screen in comparison to the 13.3” screen found on the other models.