All about Monero Mining on Mobile Phones

In the future, an increasing amount of cryptocurrency mining is going to be done on mobile phones. This may come as a shock, even to some seasoned cryptocurrency investors who are used to using powerful GPUs equipped with ASIC chips to perform all the complex calculations. But that’s all changing. One of the cryptocurrencies at … Read more

5 Tips for Beginners in Escape from Tarkov

Are you looking for ways to become a better player in Escape from Tarkov? Many people and guides you may have read online might have told you that the only way you can become better in battle royale games is by playing and playing again. That is not the case with Escape from Tarkov. Playing … Read more

Best Video Games to Play during the Holidays

Game developers have provided us with a way to reminisce the holidays even if the season is over. But what are the best games that we can play once the holidays are here? Here, we will be taking a look at some of the best video games to play during the holidays. We have roughly … Read more

Tips of Cloud Migration for Beginners

Perhaps you have reached the point of believing the cloud migration can be beneficial for your business. Well, it is not surprising because many businesses and entrepreneurs admit that the cloud is an interesting platform for many industries. Cloud migration is probably straightforward to understand. However, it can be challenging for the starters. ERBIS software … Read more

8 Best Android Gaming phones in 2020 for UK buyers & what to look for when buying one

The mobile games industry is currently worth £55 billion and represents 45% of the entire games industry. Mobile phones have become the ultimate handheld consoles allowing gamers to play anything from AAA games such as Asphalt, Bards Tale, and COD, to more casual games such as Game Dev Story or browser-based casino games from Netbet. … Read more

The Biggest Data Leaks of the Decade and the Financial Devastation They Caused

It’s 2020 and most businesses depend on the internet to market and sell their products and services. And not just businesses, consumers also end up providing a lot of personal information online. While this is a good thing, business owners and consumers alike need to be cautious of the fact that cybersecurity systems are vulnerable … Read more

5 Amazing Hacks To Get More YouTube Subscribers

People are blogging on YouTube for many reasons. Some of them are willing to become popular, some want to make money through monetization and partnership, and some support the image of their brand or other business. For all those purposes, and any other as well, getting a big number of followers is crucial. And here … Read more

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