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The Lychee mouse is one of the more interesting gadgets I’ve come across this year. It’s basically a mouse you hold like a pen. What are the benefits and drawbacks of such a design? Let’s find out.

Initial Impressions

I jumped at the opportunity to review this stylish gadget. To me what seemed like a gimmick quickly changed into something I started using every day over a regular mouse.

Before I get into the details, here is the basic specs for the Lychee:

  • No driver needed; simple Plug and Play
  • 2.4G wireless pen mouse equipped with up to 33ft effective distance (comes with a USB receiver)
  • Ultra-portable with a size of 5.7 x 0.6 x 1 inches – just like a pen, that fits in your pocket.
  • Total 4 buttons on the mouse
  • Supports 500/1000 dpi
  • Supports auto-sleep option

Accuracy and Portability

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The main concern I have with using any new pointing device is just how accurate it will be. Well, the Lychee mouse was surprisingly accurate and easy to use. If you can hold a pen, you can operate the Lychee Pen Mouse.

Most tasks I do daily like point and click, cutting and pasting can be done with ease using the Lychee. There is a slight learning curve as I got used to the smaller buttons, but once I did, it felt almost as natural to use as a regular mouse. The only issue is right clicking- I have to use my thumb to press it, which is a little awkward.

Benefits of the Lychee Pen Mouse

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I can see a couple of benefits of using a pen mouse over a regular one. First is just how light and portable it is. If you travel a lot with a regular wireless mouse, a pen mouse is almost as accurate, but weighs ¼ the former.

The second is ergonomics. Some people develop carpal tunnel syndrome from the constant wrist action required to operate a normal mouse. A pen mouse on the other hand is held just like you would a regular pen. Read this analysis by Ergonomic Trends for an excellent breakdown of the ergonomic benefits of a pen mouse.

Drawbacks of the Lychee Mouse

There are a few drawbacks of the Lychee Mouse I can think of after a few days of usage. Firstly, the cradle that comes with it is very flimsy. Luckily, you can just use something more sturdy like a pen holder instead to store it while you’re not using the mouse, such as typing.

Secondly, even though the Lychee looks like a pen, it’s not ideally suited for drawing, In terms of accuracy, it’s not pinpoint, just like a mouse. This means you can expect similar squiddly lines when you try to write your name or draw a house.

In Conclusion

The Lychee Pen Mouse is a great buy for many reasons. It’s really cheap, portable, and is a great substitute to a regular mouse. You may not want to use it all the time, but for travel, while you’re out, and just to impress friends, it’s more than just a gimmick. Throw in the possible ergonomic benefits, and the Lychee Pen gets a big thumbs up from me.

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