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I started Mighty Gadget as a side project to my web development business so I can learn more about WordPress, online marketing and hosting. Over the years my side hustle has become my main source of income, but I still manage all the technical aspects myself. This includes running a dedicated server ensuring I get the best performance possible for the lowest cost. This does obviously come at a cost of time, I have to actually manage the server a little bit, making sure things are updated and whatnot. One of the important aspects of running a server, is making sure it is running smoothly, specifically avoiding any downtime, and therefore server monitoring is crucial to this.

Server monitoring is defined as the process of tracking, analyzing and reviewing server availability, security, traffic, and all other operations. It is designed to help break down a server’s resource utilization, and through that provide information that helps make the server more accessible. It also helps ensure that the server is performing smoothly and as it should and helps proactively mitigate issues. Server monitoring can be done manually or through software. Here are a few of the benefits of using server network monitoring software.

Multiple Server Monitoring

A massive benefit of doing server monitoring through software is that it is automated, and thus, many servers can be monitored simultaneously. If your business or company runs multiple servers, it is critical to be able to tap into them and be aware of all their functionality at once. It allows you to supersede human capabilities, and keep tabs on many servers proactively, enabling you to help prevent lower performance and potential threats.

Instant Notifications

Real-time server monitoring will immediately alert you if there is a threat or interference, even if there is an automated system set up to mediate it. There are sensors within server monitoring software that “track how well your servers are working and provide you perfect detail about the information you need to ensure the system is doing well.” The sensors tackle data collection and analysis, which then can refer information to the admin or user in a clean and accessible fashion.

This enables the admin only to tune in when something is wrong or abnormal. Otherwise, it keeps the system running smoothly and effectively.

Track Results and Progress

Real-time server monitoring puts you in tune with the progress and outcome of particular changes in the network that you may not have been otherwise. It allows you to track and analyze immediate changes, and how individual decisions trickle down to disrupt or aid other aspects of the system. In software like Olympus, the user has access to an Activity log panel. This log allows the user to access a detailed and organized record of all the actions and events that occurred within the network. It also allows you to access summaries and results to get a more holistic view of the system.

It simplifies the way that network health is understood, and provides it in a usable interface. Gathering and organizing data is done by server monitoring software so that the owner of the network won’t have to waste time focusing on it.

Set-Up and Run Sensors

Sensors are one of the most useful and proactive tools that come with server monitoring software. You can set up certain types of sensors that allow you to detect issues, run checks, monitor connected systems, and devices. Sensors play a critical part in the highest-quality of cyber safety because they allow admins to detect attacks on the server or network immediately.


Each server monitoring software has its own unique combination of features. However, these are some of the very baseline perks that are critical to peak server health. Learning how to use and access each element to the best of your ability is vital to optimizing your server monitoring software.

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