Withings Pulse HR launched for £119.95 with 20-day battery and connected GPS

After being sold to Nokia, then bought from them a few years later Withings have started to release new products now they are free from Nokia. The Withings Pulse HR is the second device launched since Withings reformed, and, a new addition to their range of health and fitness trackers that features heart rate monitoring, multisport … Read more

The best Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos 2 Deal in the UK | Christmas Present Ideas

Xiaomi sub-brand Huami has proved that smartwatches don’t have to be expensive and with one-day battery life. By using a lightweight custom OS they have been able to use low power low-cost components to develop watching with all the smart functions most of us need at extremely affordable prices while being able to achieve multi-day battery life. … Read more

Spire Health Tag Fitness Tracker Review

Fitbit has dominated the fitness tracking market for years, but fitness trackers themselves are being displaced by smartwatches, in particular, the Apple Watch, but also Android and Garmin with the sports focussed watches. Smaller companies struggle to compete, Misfit are gone, as is the Basis Peak, and Withings has changed hands twice in the past … Read more

Philips IFA 2018: Philips Diamond CleanSmart is the most advanced toothbrush on the market

The Philips Sonicare brand is still the number 1 recommended sonic electric toothbrush brand by dental professionals worldwide and is typically one of two brands anyone uses when it comes to electronic toothbrushes. Therefore, it was not surprising that Philips had a large section of their hall dedicated to their dental solutions. Many people don’t take … Read more

Milestone Pod Review – A running pod for gait analysis and run efficiency

The Milestone Pod is not a new device, but I have been plagued with running injuries the past couple of years, especially shin splints, and with my first marathon next month I have been exploring options to improve my running. Running pods are not as popular or well known as other sensors that people use, … Read more

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit set to launch new smartwatches on September 19

Huami Amazfit smartwatches have been very successful in the past year or so, going against the grain of fully featured Wear OS based watches running Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100. The Amazfit range of smartwatches uses a proprietary OS with no third-party support and typically they use a low-cost Mediatek chipset. While there is no app support they offer most of … Read more

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Headphones Review

Anker has established themselves as one of, if not the best accessory brands on Amazon. They offer high-quality products at very affordable prices, undercutting traditional big-name companies. The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is a pair of wireless headphones that are designed for gym and sports use. They incorporate something called SweatGuard which promises to be … Read more

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