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After being sold to Nokia, then bought from them a few years later Withings have started to release new products now they are free from Nokia. The Withings Pulse HR is the second device launched since Withings reformed, and, a new addition to their range of health and fitness trackers that features heart rate monitoring, multisport features and connected GPS capabilities. Committed to offering premium designed connected devices, Pulse HR brings a classic fitness tracker design option to Withings‘ range, while still offering the key features people enjoy in the Steel and Steel HR watch range, such as a category-leading 20-day battery life.  Pulse HR begins presales today and will start shipping on the 5th of December for £119.95.

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The Pulse HR is a revival of the original Pulse that was launch back in 2013. It uses an OLED display and when you raise your wrist you will be able to view the time and scroll through a wealth of information on the device including heart rate, calories burned, progress towards daily activity goals, real-time workout information and smartphone notifications.

Hear Rate

Withings Pulse HR 1

Pulse HR is equipped with a PPG (photoplethysmography) heart rate sensor that not only measures the pulse in 10-min intervals throughout day and night, it also offers continuous heart rate measurements during workout sessions. The continuous heart rate measurement feature provides users with a breakdown of their workout session heart rate zones so they can easily track their levels from workout to workout and reach their fitness goals.

Fitness Tracking

Like all Steel HR watches, Pulse HR offers dedicated multisport tracking for over 30 different activities from yoga, volleyball and rowing to boxing, skiing and ice hockey. Users select the chosen activity using the tracker display and can customise which activities are available on the display through the Health Mate app. During workout sessions, Pulse HR continuously tracks and displays heart rate and the duration of the workout directly on the screen. After the session, users can understand the intensity of their workout with heart rate zones and calories spent based on the specific activity selected. Pulse HR also offers automatic activity recognition for over 10 activities including walking, running and swimming. Pulse HR is water resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM).

Connected GPS

Pulse HR also features Connected GPS to offer detailed workout information around outdoor activities. Once paired with a smartphone, users can track their pace, distance, elevation and map their workouts during activities like walking, running, hiking or cycling. Pace, distance and time are displayed on the screen and can be tracked live on the user’s phone. After a session, the user’s workout route can be viewed in the Health Mate app.

The connected GPS works by pulling the data from your phone, so as long as you have your phone on you when you start an activity it will be able to pull accurate GPS data.

Withings Pulse HR with Health Mate

Battery and Sleep Tracking

What really differentiates the Pulse HR from other brands is its exceptional battery life of 20-days. When worn at night it will track sleep patterns and offers analysis. When I reviewed the Steel HR I found the sleep tracking to be surprisingly accurate, it was not perfect, but from my experience across many devices, there is no device that can offer accurate sleep tracking, and my current daily watch the Fenix 5 has terrible sleep tacking.

Stay connected

Pulse HR keeps users connected through smart notifications that display directly on the tracker screen and can be personalized in the Health Mate app. The tracker will alert users with a soft vibration when they receive calls, texts, emails, event reminders as well as notifications from hundreds of apps ranging from news alerts, travel services and social networking and messaging apps.

You can pre-order the Pulse HR now from Amazon for £119.95

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