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With many people not carrying cash anymore, traditional wallets have fallen out of fashion. If you wear anything that is slim fitting, you really don’t want a huge wallet bulge.

Back in 2017, when I was looking for a slimmer, more aesthetic wallet, I ended up getting Vaultskin City Slim Bifold wallet which has served me well since. Which, at the time, only cost £25, whereas the other popular slim leather wallet brand, Bellroy, was £65.

Since I bought that, the popularity of hardshell card wallets has exploded. These are often referred to as EDC wallets or everyday carry. I think Ridge was one of the first brands offering this style, and you can get their wallets in a variety of materials, including titanium, steel, aluminium or carbon fibre. Ekster were quick to follow with aluminium models or a leather parliament wallet that has a similar style.

GeoGrit Wallets

Geogrit Carbon Fiber EDC Wallet Review by Mighty Gadget 2

GeoGrit is one of the newer companies offering this style of wallet. They have seven designs, six are different colours of aluminium, and they have the carbon fiber wallet I have been sent. Each wallet has a choice of cash strap or money clip. Like most wallets in this style, these have RFID blocking built in, for increased security


  • Blocks RFID (wireless-theft protection)
  • Holds 1-12 cards
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Black stainless steel hardware
  • Silicone-lined cash strap or ultra-strong spring steel money clip included
  • Lifetime Warranty

Design and Build Quality

Geogrit Carbon Fiber EDC Wallet Review3

I was sent the money clip model, I wish I had asked for the cash strap. The clip is good enough, but I feel like a strap will be more secure, especially considering I rarely carry many notes.

Geogrit Carbon Fiber EDC Wallet Review Cash clip

With UK notes, you are going to have to fold more than once if you want your cash to fit in nicely. I left my £20 notes hanging out just to give you an idea of the dimensions. Obviously, it is perfectly proportioned for your cards.

Geogrit Carbon Fiber EDC Wallet Review side view

This should carry up to 12 cards, I think I had 8 in mine, and it was a comfortable fit.

The overall build quality and aesthetics are excellent. As you can see from my photos, the cards slide out from the bottom, they are easy to access while also feeling secure

Price & International Shipping

Unfortunately, when I tried to go through the checkout process, it appears as if GeoGrit doesn’t ship to the UK at the moment, even though the website displays UK pricing. No doubt due to the logistical nightmare that is Brexit.

The GeoGrit carbon fiber wallet I was sent costs £98, and the aluminium wallets cost £78.

US pricing is $120/$95.

There is free shipping in the US, and they ship internationally, but at a cost. As I couldn’t get international shipping prices for the UK, I checked for France, as this is £14 with an approximate shipping delivery date 12-30 days.

The buyer is responsible for any and all tariffs, customs charges, or other import/export fees incurred.

Alternative Options

I obviously can’t recommend Geogrit for UK buyers, and I don’t particularly recommend them for international buyers either, as you have quite high shipping costs and potential customs fees.

For US buyers, the carbon fibre Ridge wallet is more expensive at $140, or the classic gunmetal aluminium wallet is the same price as Geogrit at $95. Ridge has a trial period of 99 days vs 30 days. I can’t see any claims of domestic manufacturing on the Ridge website, some sites claim they are made in the USA, but Reddit suggests China, which will likely make Geogrit more appealing to many buyers.

UK buyers can get Ridge wallets with free shipping priced at £140 for carbon fibre or £95 for aluminium.

[amazon box=”B0733ND5MN”]

The Ekster aluminium card holder is £64. Interestingly, Ekster make lots of claims of sustainability, being a certified B corporation, but sites suggest these are manufactured in China.

Secrid is another popular option. These have a slightly different design; the closest alternative model is the Card Slide at £60/$90 or the Band wallet at £75/$110. These are also a certified B corporation for sustainability, and these are manufactured in the Netherlands. Shipping is free to both the US and UK.

I am not opposed to Chinese manufacturing, but I can appreciate that domestic manufacturing is a big selling point for many people.


If you are based in the US, I can definitely recommend the Geogrit wallet. It is attractive, well made, manufactured in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also competitively priced agains the Ridge wallets.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, they were not offering UK shipping. Shipping to the EU is also too expensive for me to recommend them over competing options.

Geogrit Carbon Fiber Wallet Review Rating
  • Overall - 80%


If you are based in the US, I can definitely recommend the Geogrit wallet. It is attractive, well made, manufactured in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also competitively priced agains the Ridge wallets.


  • Attractive and well-made wallet
  • Made in the USA, unlike most of the popular alternatives


  • No shipping to the UK & EU shipping is too expensive

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