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Following on from the Tado Heat Pump Connector announcement, Tado has also revealed another money-saving device in the form of the Tado Smart Charging app.

This intelligent home charging solution leverages fluctuating electricity prices to optimise when your electric vehicle (EV) charges. By doing so, it promises an average annual saving of €300 on EV charging costs, which equates to a 30% reduction. Moreover, it maximises the use of renewable energy sources. Available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Tado aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility and contribute to the broader energy transition.

How Does Tado Smart Charging Work?

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Simplifying Home Charging for Electric Vehicles

While three-quarters of EV charging occurs at home, Tado Smart Charging makes the process both simple and cost-effective. After downloading and installing the app, users link it to their vehicle through the car’s user account and set their preferred charging times.

The Algorithm Behind the Savings

The app employs a sophisticated algorithm that schedules the charging to coincide with the cheapest and most eco-friendly electricity rates over the next 24 hours. Charging typically kicks off in a 45-minute window, irrespective of when the car is plugged into the wallbox. This way, users can dodge peak pricing hours and save approximately 30% on their annual charging costs.

Customisable Charging Plans

For those who want to maintain a minimum charge level, the app allows users to set a baseline charge, ensuring the battery will always have at least a quarter of its capacity, for example, regardless of current electricity rates.

Compatibility and Availability

Broad Range of Supported Brands

The Tado Smart Charging app is compatible with a wide array of electric vehicles, including but not limited to Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, and Land Rover. To get started, users simply choose their car brand within the app and connect it using their vehicle account credentials.

Wallbox Requirements for Certain Brands

For some brands like Mercedes, Peugeot, and Kia, a smart wallbox—compatible with Zaptec, Wallbox, or Easee—needs to be installed and connected to the app.

Tariff Compatibility for Maximum Savings

The app’s full potential for savings is unlocked when paired with Tado’s aWATTar HOURLY tariff or other dynamic hourly tariffs from various energy providers.

aWATTar is an electricity tariff in Germany which allows electricity consumption to be billed precisely on an hourly basis, allowing them to benefit directly from energy price fluctuations on the European Energy Exchange.

Geographical Availability

Currently, the app is available for free download in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain. It supports both German and English, with more languages to be added soon.

Tado’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

The Growing Importance of E-Mobility

According to Statista Market Insights, electric car sales in Europe are expected to double by 2028. Christian Deilmann, Co-Founder and CPO of Tado, emphasises the pivotal role of electric vehicles in the energy transition. They offer triple the efficiency of traditional petrol or diesel cars and can directly convert green electricity into mobility.

Expanding the Product Portfolio

Over the past decade, Tado has been committed to reducing household energy consumption, primarily for heating and cooling. The Smart Charging app joins a suite of new products, including the Tado Heat Pump Connector and the dynamic aWATTar HOURLY tariff, aimed at slashing energy costs even further.

Capitalising on Volatile Energy Markets

The Power of Intelligent Energy Management

In most homes, a staggering 80-90% of energy consumption goes towards space heating and EV charging. Intelligent energy management can yield significant savings, especially as the expansion of renewable energy sources like solar and wind make electricity prices increasingly unstable.

The Benefit of Hourly Dynamic Tariffs

These tariffs, which are directly influenced by the European Energy Exchange, allow consumers to take advantage of fluctuating electricity prices. They enable automated energy management solutions to operate intelligently in the background, reducing annual energy costs without compromising comfort levels.

By offering an intelligent, user-friendly solution for home EV charging, Tado is setting new standards in both green mobility and home energy management. This not only makes electric vehicles more financially appealing but also contributes to a more sustainable energy landscape.


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