Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review

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I didn’t think the Pixel 7 series was enough of an upgrade for me to justify switching from my Pixel 6, so I have not been able to review any Pixel 7 cases. However, Spigen has kindly sent me some samples of the Pixel 6 cases, all of which are also available for both the Pixel 7 phones.

I am not writing individual reviews for these cases. Therefore this review covers:

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review2

Spigen Tough Armor Phone Case

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review3

This is the most durable case Spigen and costs about £20 from Amazon regardless of the phone model. It is available for the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7 and 7 Pro.

It is Mil-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology. It comprises of three main parts:

  • The metal outer chassis which has a kickstand to prop your phone up
  • The main polyurethane case which has the small air pockets where the corners are to minimise damage
  • It then has several foam panels which slot into the gaps of the polyurethane

The three-layer design makes this quite a chunky case, but the overall quality is superb and the kickstand is handy.

Spigen Rugged Armor Phone Case

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review4

This is a more affordable option, but only by about £2 on Amazon (though $10 via Spigen US). The main appeal of this case is that it is less chunky than the Tough Armor. It has a nice textured rear which prevents it from being slippy and easy to drop.

The is made from one piece of thermoplastic polyurethane and also has the corner air cushion bumpers built in.

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review5

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Phone Case

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review6

I actually bought the Spigen Ultra Hybrid when I first got the Pixel 6 and reviewed it against the Ringke Fusion, which cost just £9 vs £17 of the Spigen.

I ended up keeping the Ringke because it arrived first, and I had been happy with the performance.

I have now switched from that to the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. In comparison to the Ringke, the Spigen case has a hard plastic back panel with bendable polyurethane everywhere else. Spigen implies the hardback provides long-lasting clarity. While I can’t confirm this, the Ringke is starting to look a bit tatty after a year’s worth of use.

I’d say the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is superior to the Ringke, but I am not sure it is worth the price difference.

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review7

Spigen AlignMaster GLAS.tR Screen Protector

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review8

I have also used the AlignMaster GLAS.tR screen protector over the past year, and I can confirm it has worked well over that period. It had cracked, and I had lost the spare, so I am glad this review sample came in.

For both protectors I reviewed, the alignment frame worked perfectly for me, and it means you can install this protector quickly and easily.

With this second screen, it isn’t perfectly bubble free. There are some tiny bubbles that I couldn’t scrape out, but they are only noticeable when looking at the phone from an angle.

Spigen Pixel 6 Cases Review11

Alternative Options

Generally, there are not many cases that I’d recommend over Spigen that are considerably cheaper.

The one exception is the Ringke Fusion I have been using which is only £9 and an excellent case for the price, which is also reflected in the Amazon reviews.

The official Google Pixel 6 case is £25, but I think I’d prefer a clear case rather than the Google coloured ones.

Companies like Casetify charge about £40 for the case. They are a great option if you want a specific design, but they are a bit overpriced for my liking.


I think I have used Spigen cases for all my phones (except the Pixel 6) since I got the Huawei Mate 10 Pro over 4 years ago. I have never had a smashed screen or back, and I have always found that they are good value for money compared to some bigger brands.

My opinion hasn’t changed for any of the cases I have reviewed today. They are all excellent, and I don’t think £17-£20 is unreasonable for a good-quality phone case.

I have always traditionally opted for whatever case will protect my phone best. However, I have used clear cases with the Pixel 6, and I drop it a lot. The  Spigen Ultra Hybrid has protected the phone perfectly so far.

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  1. How do you find the fingerprint reader works when comparing with and without the GLAS.tR screen protector on please? I have a 6a with a caseology Snap Fit which looks and feels great, but has made the fingerprint sensor fail half the time. I did remove and rescan my fingerprints.

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