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The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were announced yesterday. This is the biggest Pixel launch in years, and I expect it will be the most popular Pixel phone to date.

While the Pixel series have always been some of the best Android phones to launch, on paper, they looked lacklustre and overpriced. This year changes, Google has made huge improvements to the hardware, including developing their own custom Google Tensor chipset and pricing them attractively.

It is a safe bet that these will be two of the best phones of the year.

If you do buy a Pixel 6, then you will likely want to protect it from damage. Thankfully there are already quite a few decent third party options, plus Google sells their own case.

Pixel 6

Pixel6 cases

The official Pixel 6 Case from Google is £25 and features a dual-layer shock-absorbing case with raised edges that helps protect your Pixel from scratches and drops. The main selling point here would be matching up the case colour with your phone colour.


Pixel 6 Spigen Cases2

Spigen has long been one of my favourite case brands. I think I first used their cases with the Google Nexus 6P, and I haven’t had a smashed screen using any of their cases.

Personally, I don’t really care what a phone looks like I just want to protect it as best as possible. I would therefore opt for one of the Tough or Rugged Armor cases.

If you prefer something more discrete that will show off the design of your phone then the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a good option.


I have not used Caseology. But the Vault case looks good, this is a textured case so it is much less slipped than others. It has been dropped tested up to 120cm so it should offer good protection.


Another brand I haven’t used, these claim to offer significant protection. The case is raised about the display to stop shattering if you drop the phone face down. This case claims 200cm drop protection. It also comes in some nice bright colours.


This one is for people with more demanding protection requirements. People that work outside or tradespeople will likely appreciate it. The case covers 100% of the phone using a face plate over the display. This should mean the screen doesn’t get scratched, and it should help avoid it shattering from the biggest of drops.

Pixel 6 Pro

The official Pixel 6 Pro Case from Google is £25, the same price as the smaller Pixel 6.


You get the same options for the Pixel 6 Pro. One interesting option is the Slim Armor CS which has space in the back for you to carry cards. I would assume you lose the wireless charging function if this is used though.


The Parallax case offers a slightly more attractive design while keeping a textured effect similar to the Vault case.

Foluu Case

This is another one that has a face place. However, this claims to be made out of aluminium with silicon inner layers. This will likely be one chunky and heavy case

Case Collection & Foluu Case – Folio Cases

I can’t say that these ones are my cup of tea, but for people that like folio cases, then these are the two I can find. The Foluu looks a bit nicer.

As more cases come to the market, I will add them to this post.

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