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Yesterday, Google announced the new Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. This is likely the most significant phone launch from Google in years.

They have had a huge bump in specification from the previous generations, it is the first time they have changed the camera hardware in years.

It also features the new Google Tensor chipset, which should hold its own against the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and the Samsung Exynos 2100. With this being designed specifically for Google, it will also likely be better optimised than competing brands using Qualcomm.

Google has also massively increased the battery on both of the phones. This is one of the main issues I had with previous generations and why I haven’t bought a Pixel phone until now.

Pricing is relatively attractive too. The Pixel 6 Pro is £849, and the Pixel 6 is £599. That’s on the low end of flagship pricing, and the Pixel 6 may actually be the better option for value for money.  

Finally, to sweeten the deal, you can get the Bose 700 Wireless Headphones which sell on Amazon for £299. Assuming you sell these on eBay, it looks like you could get about £180 for them. Prices may go down when the market gets flooded with these.

I have updated this post on 23/10/2021 at the time of writing, several 3rd party contract sites are showing out of stock. This leaves you with buying directly from ID Mobile as the cheapest option.


SIM Free from Google

Direct from Google, they charge:

£849 upfront or £35.38 for 24 months with 0% APR

You can also earn up to 3% back in credit with your Google One 200GB membership. That works out at £25.47 (which I’d likely use towards the £69 Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen))

If you are on Google One 2TB you get 10% back which is £84.90

For all the deals, I have looked at the Pixel 6 Pro 128GB. When a company separates the cost of phone and airtime, I have focussed on the price of the phone but also highlighted the deal closest to 20GB per month (which is what I’d normally opt for). I have also opted for 24-month contracts.

Buy from Google Play Store

Pixel 6 Pro Contact Deal Comparison

I have updated this post with the table below to make it a little easier to see the price differences.

I added the column for the cost of the contract minus the phone RRP to give you the equivalent price for the data/call contract. When I buy SIM-free I always try and keep my monthly price below £20pcm so £480 over the year would be my top end. This rules out buying directly from EE, O2 and Vodafone.

DataUp Front CostMonthly CostTotal CostContract cost minus phone RRP
ID Mobile20GB£49.99£39.99£1009.75£160.75
ID Mobile100GB£29.99£41.99£1037.75£188.75
ID MobileUnlimited£49.99£42.99£1081.75£232.75


Direct from Vodaphone, they have a new way to customise contracts where you have a contract on your phone then your air time. For the phone section, they charge:

  • £29 upfront
  • £36 monthly for 24 months
  • Total – £893 – Higher than RRP

Air time is then £23 PCM, including 5G, device care and unlimited picture messages. You can also get additional benefits for a small increase in price. A 100GB plan with 4 benefits is only £31pcm

Total cost of contracts

  • £29 upfront
  • £59 pcm
  • £1455


O2 also separate things down into two separate monthly prices between phone and contract.

  • £30 up front
  • £34.13 for the phone over 24 months
  • £849.12 – Same as RRP

£23.99 Airtime – 30GB, 5G, 3 year warranty – double data if you have Virgin broadband

Total cost of contracts

  • £30 upfront
  • £ 58.12 pcm
  • £1424.88

Buy from O2


EE does have a 20GB option. 40GB seems like the most sensible option to me

  • £30 upfront cost
  • £63 monthly
  • £1542 total cost this has no benefits but you can pay £7pcm more and get Netflix


Three don’t have the Pixel 6 Pro for whatever reason.

The Google Pixel 6 can be had for:

  • £29 upfront
  • £27 for 6 months (£62)
  • £54 for 18 months (£972)
  • £1063

That’s for unlimited data (the 30GB plan is almost the same price)

ID Mobile

ID Mobile are an MVNO owned by Curry’s using the Three network

  • £29.99 Upfront
  • £41.99 for 24 months
  • £1037.75

No perks but your get 5G

Buy from ID Mobiles [In Stock]

3rd Party Contract Deals –,

ID Mobile via

20GB plan (it doesn’t seem to include 5G)

  • £49.99 upfront
  • £39.99 for 24 months
  • £1010 total

Same price via CarephoneWarehouse

Vodafone via

100GB 5G

  • £50 upfront
  • £43 monthly
  • £1082.00 Total

Buy from

Overall Best Deals

Buying direct from Google seems to be one of the best options, especially if you subscribe to Google One 2TB to get the 10% credit.

Alternatively, the Vodafone contract via Mobiles seems to be the other stand out deal. Total cost is £1082. If you deduct the phone cost that means you are paying £233 for 100GB of data for 24 months. Not bad at all – as of 23/10/2021 this is showing out of stock.

ID Mobiles has a very attractive deal, this is an MVNO using the Three network. Up front cost is the same for all options, then 20GB monthly is £39.99. You then pay £1pcm extra per month for each option about (50GB/100GB/Unlimited).

Total cost for 100GB on ID Mobile is £1037.75 or £188.75 for the data allowance which works out as £7.86pcm.

Buy from ID Mobiles [In Stock]

Buy from

[Updated 23/10/2021]

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