Pixel 6 Case Review Ringke Fusion vs Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crytal Clear Cases scaled

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I don’t normally do case reviews as there is hardly anything to write about. However, I recently ordered both the Ringke Fusion and Spigen Ultra Hybrid for my Pixel 6 and thought they were worth writing about.

Both cases are similar in that they are clear plastic which provides a good level of protection for your phone while showing off the underlying design and colour.

I have a tendency to buy thick black, highly protective cases, but I quite like the Sorta Seafoam colourway and wanted something less chunky than the Spigen Tough Armor Case I tried with my Pixel 6 Pro.

Ringke Fusion vs Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crytal Clear Cases for Pixel 6

Visually, there is not much difference between the two cases, and they both fit on the phone securely, and both have all the buttons and holes in the right places.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid uses a hard plastic back panel with all edges and around the camera being a flexible TPU plastic.

Spigen claims to use an air cushion technology to protect the phone from corner drops. That sounds fancier than it is, at the very corner of the case, part of the TPU has been cut out, so that corner of the phone isn’t touching the plastic.

Both cases have a lip away from the screen, providing some screen protection from dropping face down.

The Ringke has an edge cambering up to create a deeper lip for the top and bottom edges of the case. Therefore you get a bit better protection, but also, you are not catching your finger on a significantly raised edge when you edge touch the screen.

The Spigen weighs 34 grams while the Ringke is 30 grams, which may indicate a little added protection from the Spigen

Price and Availability

The Ringke Fusion is just £7.99 and is still available for next day delivery.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case costs almost double and has been in and out of stock. Currently, it is available for next day delivery.


I am not doing drop tests with my brand new phone, so I can’t say for sure which is best.

Subjectively, I would say the Spigen offers better protection, but it doesn’t feel quite as nice in hand and costs twice as much.

I have been a bit of a die-hard Spigen fan over the years, I haven’t had a smashed phone using any of their phones. However, this time I ended up keeping the Ringke Fusion, I may end up regretting this if I break my phone, but overall I am happy with the quality of protection and that it doesn’t add too much bulk to my phone.

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