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Vodafone’s so-called “youth” mobile brand designed to appeal to millennial customers, VOXI, has recently secured an agreement with PayPal to give consumers under 30 a new way to purchase their next smartphone. This month, VOXI has started selling feature handsets as well as SIM-only contracts, giving millennial consumers the chance to get their hands on the latest iPhone XS with no up-front cost and a 0% interest deal courtesy of PayPal Credit.

The PayPal Credit platform will provide VOXI customers with the chance to pay monthly instalments interest-free over a maximum of 30 months. They will have complete control over their payment terms and the ability to make further ad-hoc payments to reduce the length of a payment term or get closer to bagging an upgrade. Crucially, VOXI customers can also pause their plan at any time and continue their flexible smartphone instalments with PayPal Credit at a later date.

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Another obvious statement of intent by VOXI to reach out to millennials is its unique offer of “Endless Social Media”, with unlimited mobile data offered for accessing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows users to save the remainder of their data allowance for other smartphone essentials such as emails, navigation via Google Maps and streaming digital content via platforms such as Spotify. The Endless Social Media promise and their commitment to ensuring VOXI customers are never tied to a contract on any smartphone plan continues with their new pay monthly proposition.

When it comes to paying for goods and services online, PayPal has been the market leader for several years now. With an intuitive platform and ever-improving online security, PayPal offers a great blend of expediency and peace of mind for consumers. The platform is trying hard to cement itself in other burgeoning digital markets. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency industry has also made it possible for those with PayPal accounts to get Bitcoin via PayPal to Bitcoin exchange providers including eToro and Coinbase.

Dan Lambrou, Head of VOXI, is passionate about Vodafone’s new sub-brand and believes it is a great platform to ensure “young people” can “access the latest technology and best deals as easily as everyone else”. Lambrou said that the firm conducted significant research with its millennial customers, who commented that they “can’t be tied down” and emphasised that “data allowance is most important” when selecting a suitable smartphone plan.

Prospective and existing VOXI customers will be interested to hear that Apple’s new iPhone XS will be made available from £49 per month, including a £10 VOXI data plan featuring Endless Social Media, 6GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. VOXI’s collaboration with PayPal will also see the world’s leading e-wallet added as a new payment method for its mobile plans, providing even more convenience and control for millennial consumers.

PayPal recently published its financial and operating results for Q3 2018 which revealed strong growth and, most importantly, 9.1 million new active accounts on the platform. PayPal OneTouch continues to revolutionise e-commerce, allowing shoppers to check-out with just one click of a button, while PayPal Credit is increasingly becoming an easy way for long-standing account holders to make purchases of £150 or more and spread the cost over four months interest-free.

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