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A few months ago Vodafone launched a sub-brand called Voxi which took a strange approach to its mobile network by limiting access to users under the age of 30. Sadly I have 36, but with the help of a younger friend, we took the new service for a spin. When we signed up I am sure it was for under 25s, so it looks like they are getting a little more flexible as time goes on.

The main selling point of Voxi is the endless social data, so no matter what data plan you choose you can freely use Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Insta, Messenger, Pinterest and Viber. After my recent holiday to Seville, I realised just how much data Facebook and Instagram use as I found my 12GB data from EE got drained within a few days forcing me to pay for extra data. So the idea of free social sounds very appealing.

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Voxi offers 3 plans but then you can add other services. The three options are 2GB, 5GB and 15GB at £10, £15, and £20 per month. If you subscribe before 16th of September you get triple data giving you 6GB/15GB/45GB. All the options have unlimited calls and texts presumably because under 30s use neither of these options. At the moment they also offer a free phone case when you sign up and you will get a voucher a few days after activating.

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On top of this, you can then add unlimited music streaming or unlimited video for £5 or £7.

Music includes Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon and Napster.

Video includes: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, DisneyLife, My5, TVP, Vevo and UK Play.

All the contracts are rolling 30 day plans to you can come and go as you please.

As it currently stands you can pick up the Sim cards via Amazon for £1  or via the referral link in the button below and when you activate the card you get the forst month free if you select the £20 per calander month plan, which currently comes with tripple data making it 45GB (currently)

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So on the face of things, it looks great, assuming you are young enough. For example, if you signed up to Vodafone normally on a 30-day plan for £20.50 you would get 5GB, 500mins and unlimited texts. Three have a good option at £23 with 13GB data, unlimited calls and texts. GiffGaff is the only one with a semi-competitive option for £20 you get 20GB so this is more overall data (after the promotional period) but no unlimited social.

I previously had a contract with Vodafone and had a lot of issues with the customer service, I went through several months of having to call them to fix the mess up on my contract. This is a common complaint with Vodafone, and it appears some of these issues have rolled over to Voxi.

When we tried to sign up the website wouldn’t accept the debit card and would just hang or say to wait. After the third attempt, it wouldn’t accept the discount code for the free month as if we had already used it.

So we then had to contact customer service, they have WebChat, Twitter and FB Messanger. Nothing old-fashioned a phone number. We tried Facebook messenger, the team is supposed to work 7 am till midnight every day, but sending the message Friday at 5:30 pm we were greeted with the message that the team is closed and would get back to us at 7 am. They actually replied closer to 36-hours later on Sunday at 4 pm asking for all my details. I sent them over Monday morning, and it then took another 36 hours to get a response as well as multiple emails saying it was all set up.

When we got the temporary password we encountered the same issues as the card when resetting it the website would hang. Because the emails came from the Vodafone domain we tried doing the reset via Vodafone and it worked immediately.

Once set up, it thankfully works and works well. It is Vodafone at the end of the day, so quite an established network. Your mileage may vary though as with all Networks, sometimes I get a great signal with Vodafone, sometimes not. I have the same issue with Three and EE. In my house I can reliably get 75Mbps down and 20Mbps up which I am more than happy with.

Overall, if you sign up before September 16th you can get one of, if not the best contract on the market for the next 24 months. It is a rolling contract so there are no commitments. Cheap contracts mean they save money elsewhere though, so don’t expect customer service to be class-leading, but from my experience with Vodafone, once everything is working the way it should you rarely need to contact them again.

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