Haier FD 70 Series 7 Smart Fridge Freezer

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I don’t typically cover white goods, but I have previously expressed my frustration at how slow smart home tech has taken to enter the kitchen appliance market. I reviewed the Samsung WW9000 washing machine back in 2014, which was one of the first Wi-Fi-equipped smart appliances.

In recent years, smart home kitchen appliances have slowly started to become more available. Samsung has their Family Hub Fridge Freezer, Bosch has app-controlled ovens and microwaves, I even reviewed a smart kettle.

But in a world where Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant seems to be in every home and robotic vacuums are as common as traditional, the kitchen is still lagging behind.

Hair has started to release products that have App control compatibility. The hOn App works across three brands, Hair, Hoover and Candy, giving you control over multiple appliances from one app.

The Haier FD 70 SERIES 7 is the latest appliance to feature this functionality.

The stand out feature to me is that this app control fridge freezer doesn’t incur the same massive price premiums as some other smart home appliances.

The Haier HFW7720EWMP has an RRP of £1,199. That’s certainly not cheap, it is at the top end of the 70cm category, and Hair have the Cube series for considerably less, but at the same time, it is not a massive markup on other premium fridge freezers with water dispensers.

A smart fridge isn’t high on my wish list for smart appliances, I mainly just want to turn my oven on remotely. However, it is great to see more brands adopt smart technology into their appliances.  

Haier FD 70 SERIES 7 Key features

  • New for 2021 FD 70 Series 7 with water dispenser
  • The ultimate experience in household appliance Connectivity thanks to Haier Artificial Intelligence and the hOn App.
  • Humidity Zone – preserves food 2 x longer
  • Visual My Zone – automatically sets the right temperature to preserve your food
  • Easy Access Drawer – see all of your food at a glance
  • Total No frost – never manually defrost again
  • 475 total litres with Energy efficiency rating E (new rating)
  • Available in Platinum Inox

Haier FD 70 SERIES 7 Details

Haier has created another modern refrigerator in its ever-growing cooling range.

This stunning new product features ergonomic design, premium solutions and amazing tailor-made technology. A French Door 70 refrigerator that brings all Haier’s efforts in cooling technologies development to the maximum level with the newest and exclusive connectivity features. Thanks to the hOn App, you have total control over your refrigerator functions by smartphone. An intelligent and customised way to satisfy your needs at any time. Moreover, it features an innovative water dispenser, for fresh and water every time. Satisfy your needs even before you know them, in an engaging, customised and intelligent way: this is the aim of the Haier FD 70 Series 7.

Pro-active Temperature

Artificial Intelligence sets the right temperature before you come back from grocery shopping and after you loaded the fridge (+73% faster). The hOn App detects if you are near one of the grocery stores you previously selected. The fridge then activates a boost of coolness for when you return home.

Visual MyZone


Suggest ideal temperature for specific food inside MyZone drawer thanks to the hOn app.

Assisted Recipes

Provides advanced assistance for specific premium recipes.

Wi-Fi Connected

FD 70 Series 7 further enhances the performance thanks to Haier Artificial Intelligence and the hOn App, which ensures the best cooling experience by using the newest and most exclusive Haier Connectivity features for whenever and wherever you need them.

Total No Frost

Never manually defrost again with Haier’s Total No Frost. More advanced than traditional “frost free” technology, multiple air flows maintain consistent temperature in all compartments to ensure frost never builds up.

Air Surround

This keeps food tasty and improves and juiciness up to 99%.

Direct Access Drawers

An ergonomic design that prevents cold air escaping when the doors are open. Thanks to this innovation, you can see all your food at glance with 30% energy saving.

Humidity Zone

Thanks to this special drawer, you can maintain the ideal humidity level for fruits and vegetables and preserve fresh food 2 times longer.


MyZone allows you to choose the temperature of this special drawer simply by one touch and only according to your requirements.

Daylight Tower LED

Organise and find food in your refrigerator with eye friendly lighting. Enjoy the unique surround lighting system which is designed to gradually light up the interior and ensure a perfect view of every corner of the shelf. In this way, you can comfortably organise and find food items inside the refrigerator.

Price and Availability

Available from various retailers from May

ASP from £1,199

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