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Staying on top of your daily duties requires you to deal with various challenges, including location restrictions. Many people work in a dynamic environment, and they can’t be limited to just one place. To overcome this obstacle, they rely on handy pieces of equipment called portable monitors.

You can find numerous portable monitors on the market, and one of the finest options is Lumonitor. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this practical device and see what it brings to the table.

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Lumonitor’s Key Features

Lumonitor is a terrific all-around piece that works great for people from various industries. Here’s what makes it a highly attractive machine:

Optimal Portability

Being just around six millimeters wide and weighing 1.3 pounds, Lumonitor is the most compact portable monitor available. The sleek design means you can fit the item in nearly any backpack or laptop case without using too much space.

Due to its plug-and-play nature, you don’t have to worry about a large number of bulky cables or adapters, either. Once you’ve connected it to a device, it immediately starts mirroring the image. As a result, you can seamlessly work on the fly.

Cutting-Edge Resolution and Touch Technology

Having a clear overview of essential data is crucial, and Lumonitor provides you with just that. There’s the ultra-HD 4K resolution to ensure a streamlined viewing experience.

On top of that, the model uses PinPoint touch technology that delivers outstanding responsiveness. The screen detects all your movements, no matter their size. Whether you’re an artist, graphic designer, editor, or coder, you’ll be in full control of your actions and face a lower risk of making errors.

Additionally, the response time is minimal (less than 10 milliseconds). It makes for a smooth transition between windows and tabs, providing a dynamic work environment.

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Universal Compatibility

The chances are that you work with multiple devices, so you need a portable monitor to support them all. With a range of ports (e.g., Micro USB, HDMI, AUX, and USB-C), you can pair Lumonitor with a multitude of machines:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Controllers
  • Nintendo Switch

Thus, sharing ideas is much easier since you can obtain input from a variety of platforms

A Streamlined, Elegant Gadget

Lumonitor excels in a large number of fields. It provides industry-standard resolution and state-of-the-art technology to facilitate your daily operations. It’s also compact and universally compatible, allowing you to collaborate efficiently from virtually any location.

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  1. Lumonitor (and DeskLab) Kickstarter campaigns link to this website as a trustworthy review. But many Kickstarter backers are still waiting on their device, including me. I advise against purchasing from either company. @James Smythe do you have contacts at either company?

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