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Rock Jaw is a small British company that was established in 2012 and have developed a reputation for high-quality affordable earphones that are designed and engineered in the UK.

Alfa Genus V2 is the middle of the range option costing £39.99 for the none microphone option, they also have the Clarito which is just £24.99, and then the flagship Resonate which is a dual driver earphone with three tuning filters costing a reasonable £124.95.

I reviewed the original Rock jaw Alfa Genus back in 2014 and loved them, the sound quality was fantastic, and the tuning filters were a great concept allowing you to tune the sound to your preference. Hopefully, the V2 model can improve on things further.

The first difference is the price; the old model was £50 when I reviewed them, so you are saving £10 already, which is always nice.

Packaging and Build

Packaging is basic but good quality, it’s not as impressive as the 1more earphones, but far nicer than SoundMAGIC and other Chinese brands.

You get an excellent range of ear tips, there are the usual 3 sizes of rubber tips, then a double flanged option and then 2 sizes of foam tips. One of the most important things with earphones is getting a good seal between your ear and the earphones, so a good selection of ear tips helps an earphone perform to its best.

The stand out feature of the Rockjaw models has always been the interchangeable tuning filers, in the 4 years since the original review I have yet to review another model with this feature. As far as I am aware it is only the RHA T20 earphones that offer the same functionality, and these cost more than three times the price at £140.

The filters allow you to tune the earphones to offer an enhanced bass, less bass with more treble focus, or a balanced neutral sound. It is quite a clever idea, as your average consumer leans towards bass dominance nowadays, but an audiophile will likely prefer a neutral sound. So Rockjaw can please all preferences with this option.

Changing the filters is quite a simple process, you just need to unscrew them and fit the new ones. I haven’t lost a filter this time around, but I would suggest making sure the filter is firmly screwed in. If you think losing an ear tip is annoying, wait until you lose the tip and filter!

The overall design has changed from the last model. Rather than a wooden enclosure which I quite liked, these now use an aluminium casing which looks sleek and feels light. A large area of improvement is the cable used, it is still a plastic cable, the previous version had a very thin twisted cable, now they have gone the other direction, and it is an unusually thick cable up to where the earphones split off. I found this did add heft to the cable and if the fit wasn’t good in my ear, they were pulled out easily. I will take a bit more weight for added durability.


Sadly, I can’t find the originals to do a like for like comparison against. However, I loved the sound produced by the originals, and I also love sound produced by the new model.

I lean toward a bass preference myself, so I mainly stuck with the bass filter, using this mode the bass was pronounced but not overly dominant. For example, they are less bassy than my Bose Soundsport Pulse which is my go-to gym earphones. The bass is deep and warm without being overbearing.

Sound levels felt vibrant and clean throughout; there was no harshness to any of the tracks I listened to which varied from metal, punk, hip-hop and electronica.

For those that are not into intense music with deep bass, you will prefer the sound produced by the other filters. I preferred the neutral to the treble, and with this option, it dials down that bass which allows for more precise vocals and better clarity for instruments.


These are a great pair of earphones; they are priced right in my opinion. As much as I would love to carry around £100+ earphones, I am too prone to breaking or losing them, at £40 it isn’t the end of the world.

If you like bass, I would say they don’t sound quite as good as the triple driver 1MORE E1001, but they cost twice the price so not a very fair comparison.

I much prefer these to the SoundMAGIC E10 which always used to be my recommendation at this price point. Overall audio quality is better in comparison, build quality is exponentially better, and you have the option to tune the earphones to your liking.

I would say these make the perfect upgrade from cheap or pre-packaged earphones without breaking the bank.

Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphone Review
Alfa Genus 4 grande

Product Name: Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphones

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  • Build Quality - 90%
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