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SoundMAGIC have made a few waves in the earphone industry over the past few years. There relatively cheap earphones have all been universally well reviewed from critics and users alike.

They have also started a bit of a trend of Chinese imports from lesser known companies that offer spectacular sounding earphones at a budget compared to big brand names such as Sennheiser and Sony.

Today we have the SoundMAGIC E10S a refresh of their most popular E10 which now offers Smartphone functions with an integrated microphone and one button smart remote, plus a PC adapter to allow you to use both the microphone and earphones for VOIP calls.

The RRP of the E10S is £40 and at the moment Amazon are selling them for about that. This is a £5 premium over the none Smartphone model, however Amazon currently sell them for a discounted £24 so it is quite a big price difference.

Build quality of the earphones appears to be good, the cable is a twisted plastic and feels like it should hold, the earphones themselves are metal and feel solid without being too weighty. The plug is not as good it is L shaped with a little switch to maximise Smartphone compatibility.  It is obviously great that SoundMAGIC have taken into account compatibility between phones, but the plug itself is large and feels a bit cheap, however during our use we have no issues with it.

There is also no volume control on the remote which is a bit of a disappointment.

The performance of the earphones themselves is outstanding as usual for SoundMAGIC, even a little better than the standard E10 we think. Bass is deep but not overpowering, while the treble and vocals are just right.

Overall these are a superb pair of earphones and well worth the £40 RRP. The one caveat is that they are competing with their older E10 model which is considerably cheaper on Amazon at £24 so unless you need the Smartphone controls we would be inclined to go with the older model. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy the SoundMAGIC E10S here.

You can buy the older SoundMAGIC E10 here.

And you can view the rest of the range here.

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