This year I have reviewed a few different Reolink cameras and found them to be a great affordable alternative to popular cloud-based security camera solutions such as Arlo, Ring, and

The Reolink Go recently launched and is yet another affordable option to one of Arlo’s offerings, the Arlo Go.

It is a bit of a niche camera, but it offers functionality that many people need. The camera includes a sim slot with 4G accessibility. This then gives you the freedom to mount the camera anywhere you want. So, for someone like myself, it is not all that useful as I mount all my cameras well within range of my Wi-Fi however for people living on large plots of land, getting a decent signal somewhere can be difficult. Similarly, I have a friend that rents out a storage unit on an industrial estate, he needs some form of CCTV with online access but the unit has no access to the internet, so he has had to create his own solution using a ring camera and a mobile router. This camera would be the perfect solution to this scenario, and a situation that I expect a lot of people face when renting out units.

Priced at £235 it is quite a lot more expensive than the other cameras I have reviewed from Reolink, but this is understandable due to the increased costs of adding in a 4G modem. The Arlo Go costs at least £35 more at £269.99 on Amazon, thought its RRP is £339.

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Once you move away from the connectivity features, most of the features are the same as you will find in other Reolink cameras.

It has a Starlight CMOS Image Sensor that is capable of 1080p HD at 15 frames/sec. The starlight functionality allows it to perform much better than other sensors in dark situations.

It features a 7800mAh rechargeable battery, and you can squeeze out some extra life from it using one of the optional Reolink Solar Panels. Reolink promises a battery life of up to two months on standby or up to 500 minutes of live streaming and recording.

The camera is fully weatherproof so you are able to mount it outside and the included screw mount is superb giving you a nice secure fit (unlike the mounts included with Blink and Arlo).