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Apple recently announced three brand new iPhone, last September a few months ago, including the new iPhone X. But alongside the iPhone X, they also announced the brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. So what are the same with these phones, and ultimately, which one should you buy?

I’m going to talk about the things that are the same in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you’re planning on upgrading your iPhone, but aren’t quite sure which one you should choose, this comparison is for you.

Processor – Same A11 Bionic Chip

A11 Feature

First, they’ve got the same brand new processor in A11 Bionic. This is a new six-core chip from Apple made in-house, which has four efficiency cores and two high-performance cores. Don’t let the phrase efficiency core fool you. These efficiency cores are actually 70% faster than the two efficiency cores that are currently in the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Therefore, not only have they doubled the number of efficiency cores, but they are also 70% faster.

In addition, two high-performance cores are faster than the high-performance cores in the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. There have been many rumours saying that the efficiency, is actually about the same clock speed as the current snapdragon 835. This is the chip that’s going to be powering phones like the Galaxy Note 8. This means that the two performance cores are even faster than that.

Camera – 12 Megapixels

Both the 8 and X series have the same main 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Both iPhones support the true tone technology coming over from the iPad for the first time. Truetone basically uses the ambient light sensor on the front of the phone to read the light colour of the room, and the warmth of the light in the room and match the tone on your phone automatically. Therefore, it’s an automatic white balance for your display.

The phones have the same seven-megapixel front camera. Therefore, there are no differences in the actual camera sensor itself. It has the same video recording capabilities, so it includes the new 4K, 60 frames per second. This is nothing you have to get an iPhone X for in order to enjoy. You can do 4K / 60 with the iPhone 8, which also includes 4K / 24P.

Display and Design

The point of true tone is to try and mimic a piece of white paper. If you take a piece of paper into a room with yellowish light, that paper is going to take on a yellow hue. If you then take the same piece of paper in a room with more light blueish light, the paper will look more then the blue than yellow. This is something that our eyes are more accustomed to, so bringing this technology to the phone screen makes it much easier on the eyes and gives it a more natural appearance.

The new glass back is on both phones with new case material. On the iPhone X, you’ve got the glass on the front, as well as the glass on the back and the same thing applies to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. The iPhone X has aluminium around the sides, while the iPhone X gets stainless steel around the side. Apple says this is not only the toughest glass they’ve ever used, but it’s the toughest glass used in any smartphone. So, it would be very difficult to crack this glass, but that doesn’t mean it make it shatterproof.

Wireless Charging


Thanks to that back glass, you also have wireless charging. This is a magnetic charging enabled on the glass back. So you’re able to put your phone on a wireless charger and charge it whether you get the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Both phones are IP67 water and dust resistant, this is the transition from last year’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus. You get the same maximum screen brightness which is about 625 nits. So regardless if you pick up 8 or X, you’ll get the same screen experience as far as screen brightness goes.

You can get fast charging now in both the iPhone 8, the 8 plus, and the iPhone X. You would need to pick up a USB-C lightening cable so in order to enable that. You need a USB-C lightning cable and also need a USB-C charger that supports fast charging. You don’t have to buy a branded Apple charger, you can buy any charger that supports fast charging as long as it’s a USB-C adapter wall.

Storage and Pricing

You have 64 GB And 256GB storage capabilities on both phones. What are the two options this year, which is actually really good to see? The iPhone was starting at 16 GB in recent times about two years ago. Last year Apple doubled to 32 GB, which was great but still a bit of a lack. This year, the iPhone starts at 64 GB. This is the minimum storage you will get when buying an iPhone. This applies to both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Finally, there are colours. The colours for iPhone X are space grey and silver. The iPhone 8 also has these two colours as well, but they also add in a new gold colour.

So I’ve just covered all the things which are similar, however, there are many reasons why you want to choose the iPhone X over the iPhone 8. Not everyone needs to do so and hopefully, the first section includes all the things that these phones have in common. You can buy an iPhone 8 and get a lot of new features meaning that you don’t have to spend that extra $300 entry point to get a lot of those features. However, there are obviously things that set the iPhone X apart from 8.

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