Author: Kk Ezekiel

How to print from iPad & iPhone

I’m going to show you how to print files from your browsers on your iPhone. I’m going to use two examples to show you how to do this which are safari and chrome. First things first. you have to make sure that your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi and that your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi, that way the phone can detect when you’re ready to print. How to print from Safari Go into Safari (sometimes you have PDF file documents or something that you need to print, most of the time Safari will let you display...

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Reasons You Should Buy an iPhone 8 Instead of an iPhone X

Apple recently announced three brand new iPhone, last September a few months ago, including the new iPhone X. But alongside the iPhone X, they also announced the brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. So what are the same with these phones, and ultimately, which one should you buy? I’m going to talk about the things that are the same in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you’re planning on upgrading your iPhone, but aren’t quite sure which one you should choose, this comparison is for you. Processor – Same A11 Bionic Chip First, they’ve got the...

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How to Use Portrait Lighting on the iPhone

With iOS 11 and the new iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple has added a new feature to the camera that people are going to like and probably overuse on Instagram. Regardless, it’s a cool feature, and it’s called portrait lighting. How portrait lightening works Just like portrait mode that we’re used to by now, portrait lightening uses the dual cameras on the iPhone to judge depth and create that bokeh depth of field look using software. This mode uses the dual camera setup and takes software magic just a step further. Instead of you being able to...

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How to Capture the Best Photos with Portrait Mode on the iPhone

When the iPhone 7 plus was announced with it’s dual camera, one of the features Apple focused on was a new portrait mode. This purpose of this feature was to give you great pictures and a depth of field effect, similar to what you get in a higher-end camera like a DSLR. The problem is that this didn’t ship with the iPhone but now the iOS 10.1 has been released, it comes with the portrait feature. How to access portrait mode So to access this: You go into the camera app Select from the bottom the portrait mode (this...

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How to Create, Save, and Share Animoji on iPhone

With the new iPhone X comes the new Animoji. That’s right, animated emojis that uses the front-facing camera to map your face to a 3D emoji. Obviously, this is not the main function of the front-facing true depth camera system, it’s actually meant for face ID. But since they’re already capturing all that face data, why not use it for some other stuff. So after you’ve gone ahead and set up the face ID to unlock your new iPhone 10, you can also use it for these animated emoji inside of the messages app. In fact, it is actually...

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