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With the new iPhone X comes the new Animoji. That’s right, animated emojis that uses the front-facing camera to map your face to a 3D emoji. Obviously, this is not the main function of the front-facing true depth camera system, it’s actually meant for face ID. But since they’re already capturing all that face data, why not use it for some other stuff.

So after you’ve gone ahead and set up the face ID to unlock your new iPhone 10, you can also use it for these animated emoji inside of the messages app. In fact, it is actually an iMessage application. If you pulled it up on an older device, It’ll actually say only available for the iPhone 10.

So even though it uses the camera and you can use it in lots of different places, animoji live inside of the iMessage app under applications, and of course, it comes pre-installed on the iPhone 10. Once you open it up, all you have to do is look at the camera and start moving around, even the direction of your head, your eyes blinking and your eyebrows raising will cause the Animoji to react.

With the Animoji, you can blink, you can raise your eyebrows if you could wiggle your ears that would probably work as well. You can also rotate your head, and tilt it. It’s actually pretty accurate for such a small little feature.

There are a dozen different characters that you can use for Animoji. Hopefully, Apple will be releasing more coming down the line. Right now there’s a few like the monkey, the robot, the cat, the dog, and the infamous alien that Tim Cook showed off in the keynote.

How to use Animoji

Once you’ve landed on the Animoji that you would like to use to share with your


  • Simply tap on the record button (you’ve got 10 seconds to record whatever you’d like, move your mouth to talk, look around. All that will be reflected in the emoji itself)
  • Once you’re all set you can stop it automatically or it’ll stop after 10 minutes
  • You can hit trash, replay, or send it on its way

Once you’ve sent it in a message, you can do more with it. So it’ll end up showing up in your text stream. It’s just like a sticker or an image that you would send through an iMessage. But in fact, it’s actually a video and you can do everything that you can do with a normal video.

So you can tap on to make it bigger and you can tap on the share sheet to hit save video or save to files. If you have saved it to your photo gallery, you can jump back to the Photos app and see the animoji video you created. You can share it anyway you want. Whether you’re saving it, sending it in an email, or even throwing it up on Twitter.

There are a few other things you should know as well. One: if you start to look away and it doesn’t recognize your face, it will alert you saying bring your face into view. There’ll be a little box around it reminding you that you have to have your face in view of the camera. But to actually work with the Animoji, you can also expand the view so you’re not limited to just a small space.

If you want to see a better picture of all the different Animojis available at once, you can tap on the up arrow and bring it up into full screen and you can see all the different Animojis you can access right there at once.

So now the debate is on, is this going to be a gimmicky feature that people use at the beginning of the iPhone 10 ownership period and then just never use again, or is this going to be something that’s going to be used and It’ll be as popular as emoji itself. There was a similar debate back when a live photos came out, is it going to be something useful or something gimmicky.

Right now it seems fun and it’s a really expressive way to share feelings, and talk, and send conversations back and forth between people. If you liked the Animoji, here are some more features of the iPhone X.


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