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If you follow any tech influencers/YouTubers/journalists on social media, you will no doubt have seen one of them posting a Grid Studio framed piece of technology.

It is a simple and clever product idea. Grid Studio has sourced old iconic pieces of consumer technology, then carefully dismantled them, placing them neatly into a frame labelling all the components.

The cost to them is likely negligible as it helps reduce e-waste and the end result is an aesthetically pleasing and geeky piece of art that commemorates some of your favourite pieces of technology.

This art concept is so successful that there are many copycat brands out there. Looking online, Grid Studio appears to offer the most aesthetically pleasing options. The black frame with white background compliments the dismantled components, and they have arranged and labelled everything neatly enough it looks like something you might see in a science or biology textbook.  

Grid Studio Samsung Galaxy S1

Grid Studio Framed Samsung Galaxy S1 Review 2

Grid Studio was kind enough to send me their latest creation, the Samsung Galaxy S1, or the GT-i9000 if you want its Sunday name. The phone launched 11 years ago on 4 June 2010 and represented the start of Samsungs dominant market share for both flagship phones with the Galaxy S series and Android phones in general. The Samsung Galaxy S1 went on to sell  25 million units of the phone (the S2 then did 40mil). So it is without a doubt an iconic piece of technology for the Android community.

Samsung Galaxy S1 GT-I9000 specification

It is always amazing to read the specification of old phones, for a quick reminder, the S1 came with:

  • 4.0” AMOLED display running at 800×400
  • Hummingbird chipset running a single-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A8 and PowerVR SGX540 (I remember how exciting it was for a phone to be launched with a 1GHz chipset)
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8GB of Storage
  • 5MP Primary camera
  • 0.3MP Selfie camera
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Running Android 2.1 Eclair

Post & Packaging

These look quite fragile, and they likely are. The items get shipped out from either China, the United States, or the Czech Republic. I was concerned that this would not arrive in the best of conditions but was pleasantly surprised to find it arrived with no damage.

The frame is shipped well packed, and the frame itself is then wrapped in an attractive gift wrapper, making this a perfect gift.

I also incurred no import fees when the frame arrived.

Devices Available from Grid Studio – Prices, Shipping and Discount Code

Grid has grown the collection of available devices quickly, and prices are quite reasonable.

To make things a little more affordable, you Grid have supplied a 15% off discount code

Using MG15 will take down one of the $139 frames to $118.15, and there is then a $10 shipping free. I think it took about 2 weeks to arrive.

Some of the devices available from Grid include:

  • iPhone 4S for $139
  • iPhone 4 for $139
  • iPhone 5 for $139
  • iPhone 6 for $169
  • iPhone 3GS for $169
  • Apple Watch S1 for $189
  • iPod Touch for $139
  • Game Boy Pocked for $179
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 for $139
  • PSP1000 for $169
  • Google Pixel (1st generation) for $229
  • Samsung Galaxy S for $169
  • Plus others, the list was too long for me to write them all down.

You can view more of the Grid frames on their Instagram Page.


I think these Grid frames are an excellent idea, they are reasonably affordable and I think pretty much anyone enthusiastic about consumer technology would appreciate one of these as a gift.

Don’t forget, you can get 15% off using the code MG15 

Grid Studio Framed Samsung Galaxy S1 Review Rating


The Grid Studio framed devices are a superb gift for any tech lover. It is a great way to reminisce about old iconic pieces of technology and it helps reduce e-waste too.

  • Overall - 80%

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