Rainbow Six Siege

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The Rainbow Six Siege can be overwhelming for a beginner player. The first-person shooter game is different and unique with some complex mechanics. Here we have put down some tips and tricks and the R6 hacks to handhold the newcomer into this game.

Understand the sounds

Register the various noises which could be a key winning strategy in the game. Listen closely and you may be able to predict what the enemy may do. Once you are aware of how the sounds work you may also want to tweak your noise to not make your movements known to your rivals.

By-heart the maps

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The Rainbow Six Siege maps are dynamic, multilevel, and destructible. If you are not well-versed with the map then you may get shot from anywhere. By-hearting the maps let you be prepared for what may come next.

Adjust the right attachment and scope    

With the right scope and attachment that fits any occasion, it is possible to find success in the game. Figure out which operator fits into your playing style. Also, be aware of the scope that you can use when attacking or defending.

Use the right equipment

Choosing the right physical and virtual equipment brings you closer to success. Invest in a mouse that fits comfortably into your hand. The equipment that works best for you is the right one. Do not get fancied by the ones that the pros use.

Learn from every life that you loose

You will die several times when you start playing the Rainbow Six Siege and this will make you feel bad. However, the idea is to figure out the pattern understanding what it is that is causing your death so early. Look closely and you may get a hint which can then be adopted in your gameplay style.

Droning is recommended

Using a drone could be one of the best steps for a player to support the team. The attackers are given two drones which should be used wisely. Droning should be used to keep the defending team alert and to tamper with their setup. Droning also lets the team gather information and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Default cameras are good to learn

This will take time but is something worth learning. With so many maps that are in rotation, it is a pain to keep an eye out for the default cameras. However, when you are aware of the placement of the cameras on the map it comes in handy in possibly every match of the game. Knowing the default camera placement ensures a smooth approach, few deaths because of spawn peeks, and a comfortable attack.

Team communication is a must 

Beginners generally tend to ignore the importance of team communication and Intel which are also the main elements that can help you play the game. Playing as a lone ranger could be great at times however most victories only come with teamwork. Proper communication ensures that everyone is on the same page which could even turn the tide of the game.

Roam around

Get out of your comfort zone and start roaming. With so many maps around you may seek comfort in anchoring on one site. Death cannot be avoided when you first start to venture out but this is the only way to equip yourself with knowledge about various maps. It also makes you aware of the natural rotation which is worthwhile in the longer run.

Use your gadgets well

Siege offers many unique gadgets and the idea is to learn how to use them. Every operator comes with a different difficulty level and while some gadgets are easy to learn the others are complex. Newcomers tend to forget to use these gadgets altogether which is a severe mistake. This can cost the entire team. Novices should thus learn to use their gadgets and also be aware of when to use them.

Know what gives you an advantage

Stack your odds well to know what will give you an advantage over your opponents. The top things to do are kill, survive, objective, or trade. Kill means to eliminate the opponent, objective is the way you plant or disarm the bomb, survival is to improve your odds to live through any engagement and trade is to make the opponent pay if they take any of your team members. Decision-making has a vital role to play to win the Rainbow Six Siege and it boils down to doing what gives your team a winning advantage.

To sum it up

Rainbow Six Siege may feel all alien when you play it for the first time. The first-person shooter game however is tactical and grounded and it takes time and patience to master the technicalities and the nuances of the game.

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  1. Even with its quirks in the beginning stages this game was always a 10 for me. There was that moment it all clicked and it was like OH SHIT and it just got better and better. My buddies and I used to get on every single night. That’s slowed a bit over the years but with this quarantine I’m ready to come back!
    Thanks for this amazing guide.

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