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Honor has revealed some of the new camera innovations for the upcoming Magic6 series.

The new Magic6 phones will feature a range of revolutionary camera technologies designed to deliver unmatched photographic capabilities for capturing fast-moving subjects. With a particular focus on enhancing the sportography experience, Honor has implemented industry-leading hardware and software innovations to equip the Magic6 series with exceptional speed, clarity and smarts.

Upgraded Falcon Camera System Sets New Standards in Capturing Speed

The Honor Magic6 series features an upgraded Pro-grade Falcon Camera System building upon the successful foundation established by its predecessor, the Magic5 series. Significant improvements have been made to critical areas like dynamic range, light sensitivity, long-range vision and dynamic range.

Most notably, the incorporation of a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator combines both autofocus and optical image stabilisation functionalities into a single component, enabling industry-leading focus speeds for complex shooting scenarios. Further software and algorithm-level optimisations by Honor push the boundaries even more in terms of shutter speed, imaging speed and overall capturing velocity.

This comprehensive set of enhancements ensures that users can reliably capture split-second moments across varying focal lengths and shooting conditions with exceptional clarity and detail. The Honor Magic6 series promises unmatched speed and versatility in preserving the essence of fleeting moments in sports and fast-action photography.

Innovative Algorithms Elevate Image Quality

Complementing the hardware-level advances, Honor has also introduced intelligent algorithms like the all-new Sport Portrait mode. This enables users to achieve pro-grade portrait shots with aesthetic bokeh effects even when subjects are moving rapidly. By intelligently fusing multiple frames, it separately optimises the portrait and background to deliver professional output rivalling dedicated mirrorless cameras.

For clearer close-up shots, the Honor Magic6 series implements a best-in-class telephoto lens package. The remarkable 180MP periscope telephoto lens provides a staggering 400% improvement in light sensing over competitors. Combined with one of the largest 1/1.49-inch sensors in the industry, it ensures bright, vivid imaging even under challenging conditions.

The telephoto lens supports up to 10x hybrid zoom for flexibility in framing shots at various distances without compromising on image quality. This brings sophisticated sportography capabilities typically limited to professional gear right into users’ pockets.

Pushing Boundaries with Custom Sensor and Variable Aperture

In a smartphone photography first, Honor has developed a Customised HDR Sensor offering an 800% boost in dynamic range over standard sensors. This enables remarkably accurate preservation of colours, highlights and details when shooting high-contrast scenes.

Further bolstering light capture abilities, the Honor Magic6 series introduces an Ultra-large Variable Aperture system within its Falcon Camera array. Automatically adjustable between f/1.4 and f/2.0, it allows an impressive 104% more light intake compared to competitors, producing mirrorless camera-level bokeh effects. Users can also manually tune the aperture for advanced control over depth-of-field.

Smarter AI to Unlock the Full Potential of Sportography

The Honor Magic6 series features an enhanced version of Honor AI Motion Sensing technology trained on over 8 million images across 10 sports and fitness activities. The advanced algorithms can now identify motions beyond running and jumping to also track more complex movements in mainstream sports. Users can effortlessly document their active lifestyles while preserving even the most fleeting moments in stunning clarity.

To highlight these capabilities, Honor captured a cinematic short film focused on the lightning-fast sport of fencing, shot entirely on the Magic6 series. The footage beautifully freezes the intense fencing movements and precise weapon motions that can be faster than a speeding bullet. This offers a glimpse into the Honor Magic6 series’ exceptional sportography potential to capture all the action without missing a beat.

The Future of Smartphone Photography is AI-Powered Sportography

Summarising the ethos behind the Honor Magic6 series, Dr. Weilong Hou, Technical Expert for Imaging at Honor said, “Honor is pushing the boundaries of innovation in smartphone photography and is dedicated to bringing the best-in-class capturing experience to users. We believe the next big trend for smartphone photography will be sportography, and our advancements and ambitions in AI-powered sportography represent a significant leap forward, empowering our users to enjoy pro-grade photography experience in their smartphones.”

With its uncompromising approach towards developing pioneering camera technologies, the feature-packed Honor Magic6 series delivers an unrivalled sportography experience that sets new standards for smartphone photography.

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