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Philips had one of the more impressive booths (actually a full hall) at IFA 2018. Their lighting and TV products deservedly get a lot of headline attention but I think their health and kitchen tech deserves just as much praise.

Philips appears to be making a big move into sleep and health tech this year, with a large section of their hall being dedicated to various sleep tech.


The SmartSleep system is the stand out product of the sleep solutions, and depending on how effective it is, it could be the best product in their hall.

SmartSleep is a wearable sleep headband and mobile app clinically proven to improve the quality of your sleep. Developed by doctors and researchers, SmartSleep increases your energy in the same sleep time.

Two small sensors from the headband, detect when you are in a deep sleep, or “slow wave sleep”. Once in “slow wave sleep”, SmartSleep triggers quiet audio tones to boost these slow waves, thus improving quality of sleep.

Every night, SmartSleep’s proprietary algorithm customises the timing and volume of tones to your sleep pattern.

The SmartSleep will then transfer data back to the SleepMapper App and give you important sleep metrics allowing you to see how the quality fo your sleep is improving.

So, while some gadgets are designed to help you fall asleep or maybe stay as sleep, the SmartSleep is specifically designed to improve the quality of your deep sleep. Generally, the two essential areas of sleep are regarded as REM and deep sleep.

REM is associated with your brain dealing with all the inputs of the day and is associated with preservation of memories and your overall mental health.

Deep sleep, on the other hand, is the refreshing part of your sleep where you disengage entirely from the environment and your body releases large amounts of human growth hormone. It is the easiest form of sleep to suffer from disruption through a variety of factors such as diet, drugs, stress and sleep apnea.

There is currently no UK availability, but it is for sale in the USA for $399 direct from Philips, this is a lot of money, but if the technology works the return on investment from improved physical and mental health will be well worth it.

Learn more about Philips at IFA here

Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light

Complimenting the SmartSleep, Philips had on demo the Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light. This has been out for a while now and isn’t exactly unique, but it shows the commitment Philips has towards sleep.

The sleep and wake light combine two popular trends with trying to improve sleep, reducing blue light in the evening combined with light guided breathing exercise to help wind you down.

Then in the morning the light will slowly illuminate simulating the sunrise. The light is capable of white, orange, yellow, amber so towards the end of the morning light it can be fully white mimicking the energy giving property of the sun.

The Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light is available from multiple retailers in the UK including Philips, eBay and Amazon for around £190

There was also some other sleep tech at within this section including various CPAP machines which is the main form of therapy for patients with sleep apnea.

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You can find out more about the SmartSleep and other products and the Philips IFA booth here. 

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