Luxaflex PowerView Smart Home Blinds Review

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Luxaflex PowerView Sonnette Smart Home Blinds Review Rating


The Luxaflex Powerview system is priced on the higher end of the spectrum, but it is about the best option on the market. Both for the range of design options and the home automation functionality. It is completely overkill for my scenario. But if you have just bought your dream home, you won’t want boring rolling blinds, and if want to go all-in with home automation, this will perfectly integrate into your chosen system.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Unrivalled range of blind colours and designs 
  • Extensive home automation integration options including high-end systems
  • Full-service solution everything is fitted and set up for you
  • Flawless performance (so far)


  • Expensive

Most of the smart home tech I cover leans towards the more affordable end of the spectrum that most consumers can implement themselves.

However, higher-end products are always in demand giving buyers more options. I recently was had the chance to try out Luxaflex PowerView for a basic installation in my spare bedroom. This is not exactly a system designed for me, but instead, affluent buyers looking for a premium solution that will integrate with high-end home automation systems.

Luxaflex is one of the biggest brands in the business, and they are at the forefront of their chosen niche. Few if any other companies offer the variety of blind designs they have and they also have one of the best smart blind systems on the market today.

Luxaflex PowerView Specification

Learn more about Luxaflex PowerView here

  • Pebble Remote control that can control multiple blinds
  • Surface Scene Controller for wall-mounted control
  • Battery, rechargeable or mains powered
  • Android & iOS Mobile App
  • Woths with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with many 3rd party home automation systems
  • Compatible with:
    • Duette Shades
    • Pirouette Shades
    • Roller Blinds
    • Silhouette Shades

Full Service Made to Measure Process / Installation

It seems that Luxaflex prohibits anyone selling PowerView blinds online direct to customers. You need to go through an authorised installer where they will measure it up and fit it for you.

In my case, Beckys Blinds in Southport was the closest company. I was unable to go to the showroom to view the full range of blinds, but the installer came and advised me. The selection of available blinds is extensive and a little daunting.

Beckys Blinds basically did everything so there was no work for me to do at all in setting up the basic system. They measured the blinds, fitted them, installed the hub, got it all working and showed me how to use the blinds. For anyone that wants a smart home but lacks the technical know-how to do it all yourself, this is an excellent option.

The lead time was a bit slow, I think it was about 6 weeks. These blinds are made to measure, and thanks to COVID, many industries are experiencing a few logistical issues.

Blind Options

Luxaflex has lots of blinds and not just your generic roller blinds. I was recommended the new Sonnette Blinds, which have a sort of oval 3d shape to them, and each oval gives the impression of being a slat. However, unlike slatted Venetian blinds, these are strictly roller, going up and down online. The benefit of this design is that the air pockets from cellular design act as an energy-efficient layer that insulates your home in the winter and cools it down in the summer.

The Duette shades are similar to the Sonnette but with a  more angular honeycomb design and again, offers the benefits of some insulation.

Duette Shades. Image from Luxaflex

Pirouette shades have an opaque backing with folded fabric slats to create a textured look that cuts back on noontime glare and making evening light linger for longer.

Then there is the more traditional roller blinds; however, you have a wide variety of colours to chose from, with additional patterns providing you unlimited choice.

All the blinds come in a variety of opacities, with room darkening options available.

One of the main selling points for Luxaflex, will be the extensive range of choices you have with smart blinds. As far as I can tell, no other competing brand comes close to the range of options you have here.

Smart Home Automation and Third-Party Integration

Beckys Blinds did all the basic set-up for me, but I expect many people installing PowerView blinds will be integrating it into a larger smart home automation system.

One of the most appealing features of the Luxaflex PowerView system is the wide range of services it can integrate with. Along with your typical Google/Alexa integration, you have:

  • Apple HomeKit
  • Home Assistant
  • Logitech Harmony Home
  • FIBARO home center
  • Control4
  • Universal Remote Control (URC)
  • ELAN Home Systems
  • Savant Systems
  • Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI)
  • Crestron
  • Loxone

With high-end options such as Control4, Crestron and Loxone on the compatibility list, the PowerView system will appeal to a different audience than some of the competing smart blind options. Sadly, I don’t have anything that fancy in my house.

For many of the above choices, I would assume you will get your smart home installer to integrate the PowerView blinds into your system for you.

Home Assistant

If you are less rich, Home Assistant is one of the best ways to integrate all your smart home technology into a whole-house automation system.

I have a Ubuntu server running Home Assistant. Home Assistant immediately recognises the PowerView system, though under the name of Hunter Douglas (which is the main company name of Luxaflex and how the brand is known in the US).

If you already have Home Assistant, set up is easy, as the system will auto-detect the blinds.

Home Assistant will then provide direct blind control and also import the scenes you have created. 

Under Automations, you can then create much more advanced home automation actions with the ability to use other devices within your home to trigger events.

So, for example, I have created a morning routine where I have mapped an Aqara Switch to switch on my smart office plugs, turn on the office lights and open the Luxaflex blinds. It may seem incredibly lazy, but I wake up very early in the morning and it makes the process of getting out of bed and going to my office marginally less miserable.

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  1. Look good but don’t last. Then there is the complete absence of customer service from either the local seller or Luxaflex themselves. Remember even under guarantee Luxaflex is only obliged to provide you with the replacement part – you have to find and then pay someone to do that actual repair, if it is even possible to repair. Expect your investment to last between 2 and 5 years, no longer. Then have another look at the price…..


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