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Huawei has announced the latest generation of their open-fit TWS earbuds, the Huawei FreeBuds 5. These ditch the Apple AirPod-esque design that the FreeBuds 4 and FreeBuds 3 used in favour of a new curvey design.

At first glance, they were reminiscent of the bean-shaped Samsung Galaxy Buds Live that launched a couple of years ago, but these have a much more curvy shape to them that’s more akin to a water droplet.

Huawei FreeBuds 4 Review
Freebuds 4 and 3

Apparently, it’s not just for aesthetics. The double-C curves fit the contours of the ears. The droplet-shaped design provides a larger contact area between the earbuds and the ears, which reduces strain and results in a breathable wearing experience. The arc-shaped stem ensures that pressure is evenly distributed when an earbud is tapped, so that interactions are nimble and effortless.

Like the previous models, the open-fit design of these earbuds will likely have mixed opinions from people. The lack of the seal from an ear tip reduces the bass response giving a very different acoustic profile compared to normal earbuds. I am not overly keen on this style of earbud, partly because I have big ears and struggle to get them to fit well. However, my partner prefers this style and anyone that likes the original AirPod design will likely appreciate these.

Acoustic Performance

FreeBuds 5 also packs powerful acoustic performance, thanks to its innovative separate speaker, battery module, and control circuit board architecture. Since each component works independently of each other, charging speed and audio performance are free to soar to new heights.

FreeBuds 5 comes in three vibrant colours: Ceramic White, Silver Frost, and Coral Orange. The earbuds’ charging case impresses with its stunning matte glow, and textured surface, opening and closing with remarkable ease.

End-to-end High-resolution Sound

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Speakers are what make earbuds, and HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 impresses in this area as well, packing an ultra-magnet dynamic driver, equipped with bass turbo technology which produces bass tones that drop as low as 16 Hz. The frequency response is 50% higher than the previous generation product thanks to the dual circuit magnets. Triple adaptive EQ optimises sound quality in real time4 all the way from 100 Hz to 2000 Hz, to eliminate discrepancies caused by ear canal shape, wearing status, and volume level, and provide for consistently excellent sound quality.

FreeBuds 5 supports the L2HC and LDAC codecs, and was certified both by HWA and Hi-Res Audio Wireless. The audio transmission rate on the earbuds is up to blazing-fast 990 kbps, and 96 kHz/24 bit HD audio is supported, for pure high-fidelity sound.

Open-fit ANC for Enhanced Comfort

HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 supports tri-mic hybrid noise cancellation that is adaptive to ear shape and wearing status. With intelligent dynamic ANC, the earbuds are able to identify ambient noise and adjust the noise cancellation mode in real time.

The earbuds’ three-mic array works in tandem with a deep neutral network (DNN) algorithm to cancel out noise during calls, so that you’re heard loud and clear, whether you’re taking the metro, sitting in a lively cafe, or walking down a bustling street.

FreeBuds 5 comes with personalised pop-up window, audio service widgets, audio connection center, and a range of seamless, smart interactions powered by EMUI13 and AI Life app.

Enhanced Battery Life and Fast-Charging

The earbuds can be used for a staggering 30 hours on a full charge, and a quick 5-minute charge can support up to 2 hours of listening, a 200% faster charging rate than the previous generation.

UK and EU Price and Availability

HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 will be available starting 17th April, priced £139.99 GBP or 159 EUR (RRP) from the Huawei Store and selected retailers.

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