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I think the iSmartAlarm SPOT+ is the cheapest indoor CCTV camera I have been sent to date. My pack was the dual camera version which sells on Amazon for just £54.99. At this price, you have to wonder if this can possibly perform well? So, let’s find out!

The cameras themselves are nicely sized and the cube shape is attractive. They are much more plasticy than the likes of the Y-Cam Evo, but this is to be expected based on the price. Due to its lightweight plastiky build, the base actually works really well, there is no wobble and the adjustments are nice and firm. You can adjust the angle of the camera and rotation of the camera as much as you want. Again, due to the lightweight nature, it would be quite easy to mount this on a while or ceiling with some strong double tape.

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The app is available on both iOS and Android, and I set up the system using Android. The set-up is quite similar to a lot of cameras, once I had installed the app and registered an account I had to follow the set-up procedure. This camera can only work on 2.4Ghz and you must be connected to a 2.4Ghz network in order to proceed, once you have typed in your password it passes the details via a QR code and you then need to wait a couple of minutes for the connection to establish. The whole process went smoothly for me and was quite simple.

The resolution is listed as 720p, in real-world performance, it is a long way off some of the more expensive cameras I have used but it is more than acceptable, certainly based on the price. I also had no issues connecting to the camera for streaming.

Unlike many of the recent cameras, I have reviewed, the Spot+ comes with a MicroUSB port for onboard storage meaning you are not forced into any expensive cloud-based recording options, nor do you have to suffer network bandwidth issues for regular uploads. The camera does come with a basic cloud recording option, you get 30 10-second clips. The combination of these 2 should be more than adequate and I actually prefer this set up compared to some competing brands.

The built-in motion sensor has 3 levels but there is no area option so the chances of false positives increase a lot. Though the area settings are more important for outdoor cameras.

There is a sound recognition feature that is designed to inform you of emergencies. When your regular old smoke alarm or carbon monoxide monitor are triggered, Spot will recognize the sounds they make and send you notifications telling you what the problem is (and which Spot is reporting the emergency).

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Another bonus is the Spot integrates with the iSmartAlarm range of products. This includes the CubeOne which acts as the hub for the various sensors and accessories you can buy. The product range includes a motion sensor, contact sensors, a keypad, siren a smart switch, and other cameras with improved specifications. So, you can build quite an advanced security system if you wish.

Overall, this is far from the best camera I have reviewed, but at £34.99 for 1 or £55.99 for 2 it is a steal and would make a great choice for a household on a budget.

iSmartAlarm SPOT+
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Product Name: iSmartAlarm SPOT+

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