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If you have bought an Amazon Echo dot and wish you could use it out and about at parties or in the garden, then this could be the speaker for you. The VAUX is the first battery-powered speaker designed specifically to house the Amazon Echo Dot. Its cordless portability enhanced audio quality and beautiful modern aesthetic lets you enjoy VAUX anywhere in your home environment.

Priced at £59.99 it is quite an affordable speaker, and functionality wise it is quite simple. There is no fancy way of connecting the speaker to the Echo Dot, it is just a speaker with an Echo Dot shaped housing that then has a hidden microUSB and 3.5mm port. Simple but effective. There is an additional 3.55mm in on the rear of the speaker near the power button, so if you want to play music directly from your phone or not use the Echo for whatever reason, you can.


In terms of sound performance, the VAUX is just OK the problem being that the VAUX + Echo will set you back £110, while a 2nd gen Echo costs £90 and an Echo Plus is £140 (with a Philips Hue bulb at the moment). With the VAUX, it suffers from the common issue of small Bluetooth speakers, it doesn’t have quite enough power or size for impressive bass and can be a little tinny. It isn’t bad though, but if you only plan to use this plugged into one location then you would be better off with a proper Echo.

However, it isn’t a like for like comparison, and that is unfair on the VAUX. If you wish you could use your Echo in the garden or perhaps just have one Dot that you can move around the house, rather than many, then this could be the ideal speaker for you. In terms of sound quality compared to the Dot, it is orders of magnitude better. With an 8-hour battery life, you could have this charging at your bedside in the evening then take it around the house with you during the day.

Overall, this is a massive upgrade for the Echo Dot and is affordable. The ability to make your Dot portable is a great feature and will be particularly appealing to people that don’t want to invest in multiple Dots around the house.

Ninety7 VAUX

Product Name: Ninety7 VAUX

Product Description: Ninety7 VAUX Portable Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

Offer price: £59.99

Currency: GBP

Availability: InStock

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  • Overall - 75%

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