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As someone that receives a large number of deliveries due to review samples and the inevitable compulsive tech spending brought on by writing about it every day, parcel deliveries can be a nightmare. It is something that has caused me genuine stress in the past. Smart video doorbells and my growing number of outdoor surveillance cameras means I rarely miss the door when I am in, nowadays, but it is still frustrating having to sit in all day when some couriers turn up at random times.

Of course, COVID changed things a lot the last year, Amazon drivers will leave a parcel anywhere they see fit, regardless of the value of the package. I am lucky to live on a relatively quiet road with a garden enclosed with a large fence, so thefts haven’t been an issue for me yet, but it is not ideal.

I have been considering parcel boxes for a while now, with the end of COVID in sight, it seems like a good time to invest in one.

It is also worth noting that these are a good way to keep deliveries contact-free until the current issues pass.

There are all sorts of options on the market, different sizes and different methods to accepting and securing the parcel. There are even some smart delivery boxes on the market, as much as I love tech, I am not entirely sold on the idea of these.

So, what are the best options? Or you may even wonder what a parcel box is compared to a generic garden storage box?

What is a parcel delivery box?


A parcel delivery box is designed in a way that allows a parcel to be delivered but not retrieved from a box unless you have a key.

They generally all work in a similar manner, when the lid is lifted, the internal compartment gets blocked off by a shelf of some sort. Then when the lid is closed, the parcel drops into the main compartment.

This, therefore, makes them ideal for anyone that receives parcels frequently and needs to secure it from both the elements and thieves or porch pirates, as the Americans call it.

What are the best secure outdoor parcel delivery boxes?

The US seems to have a lot more options than the UK; the whole delivery structure is a bit different over there. In the UK, there are a few brands, but only three seem to get a lot of reviews and good reviews.

Eufy SmartDrop Smart Delivery Box

Eufy SmartDrop Review
  • Around: £399
  • Reviews: 4.5/5 with 38 ratings

I have just reviewed the Eufy SmartDrop Box, and I love it. It is an outdoor delivery box with WiFi connectivity, a built-in camera and pin code access. You can have it set up to be automatically unlocked until it receives its first package. Then, subsequent packages either need a pin to unlock or you to unlock it remotely.

I did find there were some minor flaws compared to the usual quality from Eufy, but I think the unique nature of this box makes up for any niggles.

Sadly, at the time of writing, it is not available to buy. But I would strongly recommend keeping an eye out for it.

Yale Smart Delivery Box

  • Around: £250
  • Reviews: 4.6/5 with 32 ratings

This is probably the best alternative to the Eufy SmartDrop, and it is in stock and cheaper to buy. It is basically the same concept, but it lacks a camera. You can easily overcome the lack of a camera buy installing an outdoor camera near the box. Yale has the HD1080 All-in-One Camera, but it is wired, or alternatively, one of the many excellent battery-powered cameras that are available to buy.

Keter Parcel Drop Box

  • Around: £149.95
  • Reviews: 4.4/5 with 225 ratings
Keter Parcel Drop Box Graphite Keter Parcel Drop Box Graphite No ratings yet £155.00

The Keter Drop Box is the one I see recommended the most. It is a floor-standing model, which is what I am after, personal. It has an all-plastic construction making it weatherproof but light. You can secure it either by bolting it to the floor or weighing it down physically with weights.

When the lid lifts up, it also flips up two internal shelves preventing access to the main compartment. When the lid closes, these flip-down allowing the parcel to drop into the main compartment. Then you access the parcels from a locked door. It is a simple but effective solution for having parcels delivered to your house without physically being there (assuming the courier is willing to do this).

The box requires you to use a padlock on it, so you should also buy something that is secure and not easily breakable.

Smart Parcel Box Wall Mounted Smart Parcel Drop Box

  • Around: £129.95
  • Reviews: 4.7/5 with 671 ratings
Wall Mounted Smart Parcel Drop Box Dark Grey for Secure... Wall Mounted Smart Parcel Drop Box Dark Grey for Secure... No ratings yet £139.99

This box has the most reviews I can find on Amazon, with the best overall rating. Being wall mounted it could be good for anyone that is limited on space, or with a door right on the street.

Of course, the overall size of the box and the lid itself limits the size of parcel you can accept, but most small to medium-sized packages should get in.

The company that makes this, Smart Parcel Box, includes a barcode within the lid of the box, allowing couriers to scan it and mark it as signed for. Some companies may not be willing to scan the code, if they require a physical signature, they may not be able to do it, but it should minimise the number of parcels you miss.

Smart Parcel Box Parcel Drop Box

  • Around: £249.95
  • Reviews: 4.6/5 with 55 ratings

From the same company as the previous recommendation, you have the same barcode scanning feature but a much larger option that can accommodate larger parcels and more parcels. While it is floor standing, there are securing holes for either the wall or floor. It is weatherproof with a built-in lock. Unlike the Keter, this and other boxes on the list are all fully assembled metal boxes.

iLoveParcels Parcel Drop Box

  • Around: £149.95
  • Reviews: 4.6/5 with 77 ratings
iLoveParcels Medium Parcel Drop Box. Waterproof Safe &... iLoveParcels Medium Parcel Drop Box. Waterproof Safe &... No ratings yet £189.99Amazon Prime

iLoveParcels appear to be one of the main companies that offer delivery boxes in the UK. This is one of their smaller models, which is also one of the best-reviewed options on Amazon. It is weatherproof and has a built-in lock.

iLoveParcels Large Parcel Drop Box

  • Around: £249.95
  • Reviews: 4.1/5 with 30 ratings

A large floor standing alternative to the previous iLoveParcels option. It has a 3-pin combination lock built into it, and its overall weight is 14.2 kg, so you could even get away without bolting it down as I can’t imagine many thieves running off with a box that weight that is also 80cm tall and 30cm wide.

It looks like all the metal boxes on this list are galvanised steel with a rust-resistant coating, so they are not really waterproof, and they may start to get rusty if the underlying steel gets exposed.

iParcelBox Smart Parcel Delivery Box

  • Around: £270

This has one 1-star review on Amazon, but the older V1 box had twenty 5-star reviews. I am listing this because it is the smartest solution on the market.

Unlike the relatively dumb Smart Parcel Box, this has actual smart features. The box has a companion app, and the box itself connects to the internet.

To deliver a package, a driver much press the button to unlock the box, if no package has been delivered yet, it auto unlocks. If someone has already been, you get a notification so you can unlock it remotely. It then locks again when the lid closes.

With signed for deliveries, they can also scan the code inside the lid.

There is an optional premium service which costs £2pcm and will connect to a compatible CCTV / webcam allowing you to physically see the courier when they press the button.

The premium service also allows you to provide digital keys to others, allowing them to unlock the box.

It is an interesting option, I feel like it could be a case of over-engineering a simple problem. In my opinion, what would make more sense is the same style of box used on the Smart Parcel Box/ iLoveParcels. This would allow the courier to drop off the package with no interaction from you at all, but then have the smart box notify you of the deliveries with a picture of the courier. The digital keys is a good idea, but I guess you could just give a neighbour a key or code for a lock.

[Original Post: July 5, 2021]

[Updated Post: November 23, 2022] Added two new smart outdoor delivery parcel boxes.

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