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Anker has some Halloween deal on up to the end of October, which they promoted to me as a  “Halloween Gift Guide”.

With none of the products being related to Halloween in any way, it is a bit of an odd gift guide, but I love Anker products nonetheless and getting them as cheap as possible is always good by me.

Rather than laboriously typing out each product and explanation, I have just copied their table.

Deal Highlights

eufyCam 2C

There are some good deals on there though, I am a massive fan of the eufyCam 2C which drops down to £184. This won’t be the cheapest it has been it dropped down to £170 back in August, but it is still a good deal.

eufy RoboVac 30C MAX

The eufy RoboVac 30C MAX drops to £223, again not quite as low as the £210 back in August but close enough, I reviewed and still use the normal RoboVac 30C, and it is superb. These models can be controlled via an app, so you can set a schedule, they also have boundary strips, so I have mine under the carpet in a doorway to stop it going from the kitchen/diner into my hallway.

eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell

I have just got this in to review, and it looks like the best alternative to the battery-powered Ring Doorbells, such as the Ring Doorbell 3.

This is not only cheaper to buy than the Ring Doorbell 3, but there are no ongoing costs as all the recordings are stored locally on the HomeBase. The one downside this has vs the latest Ring doorbells is no pre-recording of events.

With this syncing to the HomeBase, it will work seamlessly with existing eufyCam wireless cameras for a whole home security solution. Anker Halloween Discounts

Anker Halloween Discounts

ProductOn-going PriceDeal PriceDiscountDeal DateCode
eufy RoboVac 30C Max£289.99£222.9923.10%10/26-10/317- day deal
eufy RoboVac 15C Max£269.99£219.9918.52%10/26-10/31Use £50 coupon 
eufy HomeVac H11 Pure (White)£59.99£47.9920.00%10/26-10/3120% off coupon 
Soundcore Life P2£39.99£31.9920.01%10/26-10/31Use £8 coupon 
Soundcore Liberty Air 2£89.99£67.4925.00%10/26-10/3125% off coupon 
Soundcore Life Dot 2£45.99£36.7920.00%10/26-10/317- day deal
Soundcore Spirit X2£79.99£59.9925.00%10/26-10/317- day deal
eufy Securty eufyCam 2C229.99183.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
eufy Security Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered)179.99143.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt47.9938.3920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker39.9931.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
Soundcore Flare Mini 39.9931.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
Soundcore Flare54.9943.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
Soundcore Motion+99.9979.9920%10/26-10/31Use coupon
Soundcore PowerWave Pad 10W14.9911.9920.01%10/26-10/317- day deal
Anker PowerCore Essential 2000029.9920.7930.68%10/26-10/317- day deal

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