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I previously reviewed the HYSapientia 25L air fryer and thought it was superb. I have continued to use it as my main air fryer even though I have a Ninja Foodi MAX multi-cooker because I find the shelf design is more convenient for daily cooking, as it allows me to cook a full meal easily in the one oven (the Nina is a bit fiddly for multiple items).

The 24L air fryer is physically very large, and it may be a bit too big for single users or a couple. The HYSapientia 15L air fryer is, therefore, an excellent alternative. It is basically the same as the 24L, just smaller.

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven Specification

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven shelves and accessories
  • 15L capacity
  • 3 cooking layers
  • 3 trays included:
    • Mesh for air frying
    • Wire shelf for larger items
    • Tray for baking or wet items
  • Rotisserie skewer
  • 1700W electricity usage
  • Temperature ranges from 60 to 230
  • Functions:
    • Air Fry
    • Rotisserie
    • Broil
    • Steak
    • Fish
    • Pizza
    • Bake
    • Toast
    • Unfreeze
    • Dehydrate

HYSapientia 15L vs 25L Design / Capacity / Functions

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven vs 25L

HYSapientia states this is good for 500g of French fries, 19 chicken wings, a 9-inch pizza, 2kg whole chicken, 6 bagles or 6 slices of bread.

For the 25L model, they say 980g of fries, 21 chicken wings, a 10 inch pizza, 2.5kg chicken, 6 bagels or 6 slices of bread.

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven vs 25L shelf size

As you can see from my pictures, the trays are quite a bit smaller.

My partner isn’t keen on the controls of the 25L model, she says the dial is too sensitive. This has been changed with the 15L model. It is less sensitive, so it is easier to set the temperature and time you want.

Side by side, my pictures make it look like the 15L isn’t that much smaller. They have about the same height and depth, it is just the extra width that the 25L model has. If you have a small kitchen, the 25L model may take up a lot of room.

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven vs 25L side by side

Cooking Times and Results

For the first test, I had to try the rotisserie function first. As this is a smaller over, I bought a medium chicken from Aldi, which fitted easily. I quickly learned from the last review that it is best to tie up the legs with twine to avoid them catching on things.

The preset was for 45 minutes, but the packaging said 1h20. I opted for one hour and checked on it closer to the time.

The end result was excellent, it is much better cooking with a rotisserie than sitting on a shelf, as you get nice crispy skin all the way around.

I predominantly cook homemade chips in my air fryer, they are cheap, relatively healthy and easy to do. As I eat a lot due to all the exercise I do, I found the mesh tray was a bit small for my needs, but it should be fine for normal people. Just like the larger oven, the results were excellent.

It would have been good if there was a rotisserie basket included, I found that this produced superior chips when I reviewed the Proscenic T31 15L air fryer.

I have used this for a bit over a week for most of my meals and been consistently happy with the results. I also love air fryers for making fakeaways, and I am particularly fond of fake KFC, which this is excellent at doing.

Electricity Usage

With this being a smaller oven, it should use less electricity than the larger model. It is rated at 1700W vs 1800W of the 25L.

Due to the cost of electricity in the past year, it is worth considering opting for a smaller oven if it suits your needs.

Available Accessories for HYSapientia HYS-AFO-02A

If you need additional accessories, the model number of this air fryer is HYS-AFO-02A.

Available accessories include:

HYSapientia say the internal dimensions are 36*38*42cm (L:W:H)

Price and Alternative Options

The HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven is available directly from hysa.store for £149 (RRP £179) and is available in Black or Silver.

On Amazon, they have it listed at £135.99 with a £26 voucher available, which works out as £109.99

The HYSapientia 24L air fryer is £151.97 with £17 off which works out as £134.97

Prices were correct on the 8th of May 2023.

Amazon lists quite a lot of these shelf-based air fryers now. Some alternative options include:


I personally love my HYSapientia 24L air fryer, and I choose to use this as my daily air fryer over my Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker due to the convenience of the shelves.  

The HYSapientia 15L air fryer is almost the same but smaller, and I, therefore, also think this is excellent. I love the rotisserie function; you get a much better roast chicken out of it than sitting static on a shelf. I am also a big fan of these shelf-based air fryers as it makes it much easier to cook multiple things at once.

HYSapientia claims this is suitable for two to three people, but for me, I’d suggest it is better suited for one or two people.

Pricing is good, but there are plenty of excellent competing options at around the same price. If you have room and need to cook for more than one, I’d be inclined to spend the extra £26 on the 24L air fryer, which has loads of room to cook for a small family.

HYSapientia 15L Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie Mini Oven Review Rating


The HYSapientia 15L  air fryer is an excellent smaller alternative to the 25L air fryer. I am a big fan of the shelf design, and rotisserie chicken is much better than cooking it on a shelf.

  • Overall - 80%


  • Shelf design allows you to cook multiple different items at once
  • Rotisserie makes perfectly cooked chicken


  • Would have liked the rolling grill basket included

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