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Last year I reviewed the Ezviz C3A battery-powered security camera. It was good, just not as good as the Eufy 2C or Eufy 2.

Now Ezviz is back with what appears to be a very well specced camera that is highly competitive against the rest of the market.

Ezviz BC1 Features

The new Ezviz BC1 wire-free camera uses a base station like most of the competing brands it then has:

  • 12,900 mAh battery with up to 365 days of use
  • Base station supports microSD up to 246GB so no need for a cloud recording subscription
  • Colour night vision (which appears to use two built in spotlights to facilitate this function, unlike some other wired low light cameras)
  • Smart human detection
  • Active defence with two way talk
  • Solar panel compatibility
  • 2.4Ghz WiFi
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Ezviz BC1 Price & Availability vs Eufy

Even though I have just got the press release informing me of the announcement, there has been an Amazon listing for 2 months.

The two-pack system is £299, but there is currently a £50 off voucher, or a three-camera kit is £399 with £50 off.

Currently, the Eufy 2C, which has colour night vision via a spotlight but 6 months battery life, is £230, or the Eufy 2 with 365-day battery life and no colour night vision is £249.

Full Press Release

Ezviz has added one of the most versatile security cameras to its product offering for well-rounded home protection, both inside and out. The 100% wire-free BC1 Camera with included base station kit delivers steady performance for up to a full year on a single battery charge. The BC1 also boasts plenty of standout performance features, including sharp 1080p video quality, colour night vision, two-way communication, and active defense.

Equipped with a 12,900 mAh rechargeable battery, the BC1 camera excels in battery life and gives users far more freedom in deciding the location of installation without worrying where their power outlets are or needing to hire an electrician to add any. Its impressive performance is supported by the included base station, which ensures a better Wi-Fi connection even at extended distances. That steady, strong Wi-Fi signal lengthens battery life for the camera.

Though it runs on batteries, the BC1 camera’s expert design provides equivalent or even better features as compared to hardwired ones. It inherits the core competitiveness of EZVIZ’s outdoor camera range and renders vivid, colourful imaging at night with two built-in spotlights. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the BC1 camera is IP66-rated to withstand most weather conditions. Since the base is magnetic, installation requires nothing more than setting it on a metallic surface – no cables, wires, brackets, or professional installers required.

Integrating a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and person-shape detection algorithm, the BC1 camera is fully able to distinguish humans from other moving objects. It will send mobile alerts to the users only upon detection of potential intruders. Such activities will also trigger active defence for protection on the spot. After users set up the detection areas and active periods on the EZVIZ App, the BC1 will automatically set off a loud siren and flash two spotlights to deter would-be trespassers. What’s more, the BC1 allows users to record unique voice messages for auto-triggered warnings or greetings to any home visitor.

“The BC1 follows the practices we had with our earlier popular battery camera, the C3A – we maintain the simple operation and intuitive app controls, and make twists in the bullet-shaped, sleek appearance along with extended battery life and many advanced pro features,” said Jessica He, product manager of EZVIZ’s battery-powered camera range. “We’re confident that, with the BC1’s flexibility and durability, customers will enjoy a next-level security experience at their homes.”

For users who seek to scale up their home security system, EZVIZ offers flexible buying options. Three different BC1 Camera Kits are now available, so customers can choose to bundle up one, two, or three BC1 cameras with a single base station. There are also multiple video storage options – users can store videos on local microSD cards, which are inserted directly onto the base station, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for automatic saving of motion-triggered video and unlimited storage space on the cloud.

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