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Today, Huawei announced their latest Huawei Watch GT 3 series, coming in two sizes 46mm and 42mm.

During my briefing, Huawei stated they focussed heavily on the smaller watch this year. The larger model is already well established, but it can be a little offputting for smaller wrists and people wanting something a little less masculine.

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Both watches look exceptional, but it does look like Huawei have upped their game for the smaller 42mm model this year, both the gold and white watches look great in the pictures.

Huawe Watch GT 3 45oTCL4Mfs

The two new watches have been kept thin to help with comfort, but they are a touch thicker than last years models. The 46mm model is 11mm vs 10.7mm, and the 42mm model is 10.2mm vs 9.4mm.

Running HarmonyOS – But may have slimmed down features

Huawe Watch GT 3 IXSOnXhCQB

Huawei didn’t go too much into the specs of the new watch, but the underlying OS is HarmonyOS. However, unlike the Huawei Watch 3, this seems to be a slimmed-down version, much like when you put the Huawei Watch 3 into its battery saving mode. It is unclear if you can install apps on these watches, I suspect not, or that it will be a reduced selection, which provides a clear separation between the GT series and the Watch 3.

One noticeable feature of HarmonyOS is the new checkerboard menu, just like the Watch 3.

Improved Fitness Features – New running metrics

Huawe Watch GT 3 9qRz27gcgV 1

Huawei appears to be pushing the overall fitness features of the new watches more. As usual, they have upped the number of workout modes, going from 85 on the Huawei Watch GT 2 to 100 on the GT 3. This is largely marketing fluff as far as I am concerned, adding some profiles isn’t really adding features.

What they have done is expand a lot of the feedback you get about outdoor running providing you a similar level of information you might get from a Garmin watch, such as the Garmin Venu 2.

Some features already existed on the GT 2, but you now get:

  • Condition update including fitness index and fatigue index
  • VO2Max (which they have had for a while)
  • Running Ability Index
  • Training Stress including Aerobic and Anaerobic
  • Recover % and time.  

Improved Hear Rate Accuracy – But no Bluetooth chest straps

Huawe Watch GT 3 Za9oC0Gpf5 1

On top of this, Huawei is claiming improved optical heart rate accuracy. They provided accuracy data for freestyle swimming, tempo runs and skipping rope. They used the Polar H10 chest strap, claiming it is 100% accurate (a questionable claim) and that they were 94.7%, 93.4% and 96% accurate. As always for Huawei, they used this opportunity to take a dig at other brands and showed themselves performing significantly better than the Apple Watch 6.

What they didn’t mention is the ability to pair up chest straps or armbands for that 100% accuracy. It seems highly unlikely that this will be possible.

Still no Strava

Furthermore, the watch will almost certainly have no Strava support and you will therefore have to jump through hoops syncing your Huawei Health data to Strava.

Huawei has also worked on its app to complement the new running features. It will use your running ability evaluation to customise training plans for a variety of activities, including 5K, 10K and even marathons.

Huawe Watch GT 3 LTMD2pgvUj 1

The watches will also retain many of the smart features found on the older models. You have Bluetooth calling, a remote shutter for your camera and the ability to play music. Similar to previous generations, the music is likely for MP3s rather than offline Spotify playlists. Though, the Huawei Watch 3 supported Huawei Music, so this may be a possibility.

Huawe Watch GT 3 exmDp78xxj 1

Price and Availability

Huawe Watch GT 3 1ATdFBtirf 1

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is available to pre-order now with an RRP of £229.99 and £209.99 for the two sizes.

This is the same price as the launch price of the Huawei Watch GT 2. However, you can currently pick up the Huawei Watch GT 2 for just £119 on Amazon. The smaller 42mm model can be bought for £107.

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is currently available for £199.

The Huawei Watch 3 launched for £349.99 but is now down to £277.99

HuaweiWatchGT3 prices g1BT133Ag9 1

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